22 Common Gym Newbie Mistakes

An experienced athlete - about what not to do if you started going to the simulator and properly organizing your workouts.

I have been involved in sports for a very long time: first, I was professionally involved in rugby, then, when I graduated, I constantly went to the gym. It helped me stay physically healthy and toned. In this article, I want to analyze beginners' common mistakes and tell you how you can avoid them.

Mistakes when training with a coach

22 Common Gym Newbie Mistakes
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1. Conversation of the trainer and client during the exercise. It is important not only to exercise correctly but also to breathe. Talking in the process is categorically unacceptable.

2. Lack of coach control over the correct technique. Watch a video of all the exercises your trainer has prescribed for you.

3. Too long pauses between exercises. If you want to talk about life and do not feel sorry for the money spent on training, talk to the coach. If you come to the gym to work, then appreciate every minute. Less talk means more value.

4. Unchanged training program. Let the trainer tell you everything about the training process that you will have. You must understand your starting point, why you are doing it, what results and training await you in a month, quarter, six months.

5. Training with an uncomfortable trainer. You pay money, so you have the right to change your coach every day. If you came to the hall for the result, find such a specialist who will work with you. The main thing is not to go to extremes when the coach loads you wildly.

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Errors in self-study

22 Common Gym Newbie Mistakes
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6. Lack of training program. She must be. It doesn't matter where the program will be written: in a journal, on a piece of paper, or on your phone. However, the very fact of its existence does not guarantee the effectiveness of training.

7. Incorrect exercise technique. The correct technique is effective training, active muscle growth, and the absence of further injuries. Learn the correct exercise technique in advance.

8. Lack of insurance when working with a heavyweight. Ask the coach on duty to back you up. It is his direct responsibility to help people in the hall. Many are shy.

9. Performing an exercise with someone on the same simulator. You do not have to share the equipment or machine with another person.

10. Shyness. Remember pitching in the gym also started somewhere.

Common mistakes

22 Common Gym Newbie Mistakes
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11. Run on a treadmill as a warm-up. Injury prevention starts with a thorough warm-up. Do it right, moving from the top of the body to the bottom.

12. Performing a new exercise with a lot of weight. Start with a lightweight and gradually increase the load. It is much more effective in terms of muscle growth and will also help maintain proper form.

13. Different number of sets for different exercises. For each exercise, do 4-5 sets, with 2-3 being warm-ups and the rest working. This is to ensure that your muscles adapt to the maximum load. Use a weight in the 30–70% range for warming up.

14. Frequent and intermittent breathing. Remember: each exercise has not only a technique for performing but also a technique for breathing.

15. Frequent change in the training program. The program must be changed after at least two months. Only then will the training be effective.

16. Lack of progression in the load. In each next workout, the weight on the apparatus should be slightly more than the last time. For example: on Wednesday, bench press with a weight of 50 kg for 10 repetitions, next Wednesday - 52.5 kg for 10 repetitions. If you can't do the exercise 10 times, do as many as you can, and move to a new weight when you do 10 reps. Thanks to the constant weight gain, your muscles will grow, become more elastic, a beautiful shape will not keep you waiting long.

17. Too long or short time spent in the gym. The workout should run for a maximum of 80-90 minutes, not including cardio.

18. Few basic exercises in the program. These exercises are known as "basic" because they are thought to be the most efficient for a particular muscle group.

19. Too many workouts per week. Professional athletes often train and a lot. For beginners, three workouts a week are enough.

20. Bad habits. Keep in mind that drinking and sports are not compatible. IForget about sports for at least two days if you drink. The heart is not iron. Alcohol kills protein synthesis.

21. Heavyweight on the bar. For muscle growth, it is not important. It for muscle growth, but the time the muscles are under load.

22. Lack of system. Make a training program and stick to it. It is important to start your workout with large muscles and end with small ones.

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Tips for Beginners

  1. Make a program for a week and work on it for at least two months.
  2. Three workouts a week is enough for a beginner.
  3. Each training day - 6-8 exercises for 10-12 repetitions. Each exercise - 2-3 warm-up approaches (30-70% of the working weight), two working approaches.
  4. Rest between sets - up to 90 seconds, rest between exercises - up to 120 seconds.
  5. Be sure to warm up.
  6. During your workout, work your way up from large muscle groups to small ones.
  7. Learn and remember the technique for performing all the exercises included in the program.
  8. Breathe correctly.
  9. Progression in weights is required.
  10. Less talk - more action!

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

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