7 Ways to Lose Belly Fat Without Diet and Exercise

Even the laziest can get slimmer. Many live in the fitness room, and crunch cabbage leaves washed down with probiotics to get an attractive flat stomach. No questions asked; this is a healthy and correct path to physical perfection.

But if there is neither time, nerves, nor strength for exercise and nutrition correction, use these elementary tricks. They will help to tighten the stomach to a more or less decent state. True, in this case, of course, you should not count on cardinal getting rid of excess fat reserves.


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1. Straighten up

Straighten your shoulders and draw in your stomach at any time, as soon as you remember about it. If you can’t or don’t want to remember – buy a posture corrector (sold in almost every pharmacy) or a corresponding medical gadget. We often underestimate the impact of correct posture, although it is significant. A straightened spine helps to add height, shape the breasts, and make the abdomen visually flatter.

7 Ways to Lose Belly Fat Without Diet and Exercise
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Muscles have a memory, including posture. So in two to three weeks, the stomach will acquire the desired fitness traits. At least when viewed from the side.

2. Drink plenty of water

Yes, we, too, are tired of endless reminders of 8 glasses of water a day. However, a fact is a fact; at the first hint of a lack of water, an organism taught by the bitter experience of evolution immediately begins to store life-giving moisture, including on the stomach. If the swelling in the arms and legs caused by the same cause is familiar to many, we rarely notice swelling in the press area. But in vain. 

3. Go to the toilet regularly

This is an important point in creating a flat belly. The body is a very patient thing, and if you have taught it to tolerate the urge to urinate, it will call you to the toilet only as a last resort. The rest of the time, the bladder walls will expand, which often results in an overly rounded abdomen.

Ensure that you visit the toilet at least 5-7 times a day – this is the number doctors consider normal.

4. Chew food thoroughly

The better you grind your lunch or dinner with your teeth, the less space it will take in your stomach. This means that a full stomach will not cause a bloated stomach. Plus, the longer you chew, the less you eat before your brain signals, “I’m full.” This will allow you not to gain extra calories, which, you see, in the long run also affects the condition of the abdomen.

5. Breathe through your nose

At first glance, the advice is strange but effective. The fact is that when we breathe through our mouths, we swallow air, which becomes the cause of bloating. For the same reasons, it is not recommended to lean on the gum. If you want to freshen your breath after eating, it is best to use a spray or lollipop.

6. Control hormones

Deviation of the female hormone estrogen from normal levels often leads to the appearance of so-called visceral fat adipose tissue deposited mainly on the abdomen. Therefore, do not be lazy to go to the doctor, get tested for estrogen level, and, if necessary, adjust it to normal values.

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7. Lie down

Lie on your back, put your feet on a raised surface (a pillow or sofa cushion), and tuck a rolled towel under your lower back. Please pay attention to the belly; in this position, it will deflate, become sunken. 20 minutes of this lazy gymnastics a day – and soon, the abdominal muscles will begin to get used to this position (remember about muscle memory).

By the way, the Japanese consider such an exercise a guarantee of a slender figure and excellent posture, which, you see, will also not be superfluous.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

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