How To Get Rid Of Anger Sustainably: Five Ways

It's okay to be angry. We can get angry with friends, family, colleagues. Such a healthy reaction is normal, but you need to do it correctly to spoil your relationship with everyone and spoil your mood. And it is also important not to keep everything to yourself to accumulate "material" for the development of various diseases, says psychologist Eugene Peleckison. She named the most peaceful ways to blow off steam.

When we scold ourselves for being angry with someone or something, it only gets worse. Because in this way, we forbid ourselves to anger and suppress aggression in the body.

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How to get rid of anger: five ways

1. Scream

Shout. At home in a pillow, in a car, you can drive off somewhere to a deserted place, make the music louder, and shout heartily. At first, there may be a feeling of self-embarrassment, but the main thing is to start and not hold back, but to do it with all your heart and emotions.

How To Get Rid Of Anger Sustainably: Five Ways
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If the experiences are well worked out by screaming, then the reaction may be different: tears and nausea. It all depends on the depth of emotion that has been contained. Screaming helps reduce the tension that causes stress in the body.

2. Beat the pillow

Squat, dance, break an egg or something from the dishes, which is not a pity and where you do not mind. You can also do the cleaning or disassemble things and throw away unnecessary things. Now, by the way, there are special "quests" where you can beat dishes or equipment for the money.

3. Write

Pick up a pen and write a letter to someone you are offended or angry with. You can express everything in full and in any words. Next, tear it up with anger and throw it away, or, after tactfully adjusting it, send it, give it or read it to the one to whom it was intended. It is important to write by hand so that there is body participation.

4. Have a conversation

Speak directly if possible. Without criticism and accusations, but concentrating on your feelings. "It was unpleasant for me; it was insulting. To me, that was totally unacceptable." Explain what made you angry and find out your opponent's motives.

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5. Breathe

This is perhaps the easiest and quickest way to calm down - to even out your breathing. The brain does not know how to disconnect from strong emotions immediately, so you need to help it pause with breathing exercises. Try taking a few deep breaths in and out, trying to breathe through your belly. Measured breathing allows you to get rid of unpleasant emotions and tune in to a calm, relaxed state.

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