How to Clear Your Netflix History

Normally, we see some series or movies on Netflix that we do not want others to see, especially if we share our account or home devices with family or friends. So doing a good cleaning of our account’s history is the key to avoid it.

So, if you want to forget about being worried about someone seeing it, you have to pay attention to the following steps that we explain in detail in this article so you can learn how to erase your Netflix history easily.

Steps to follow:

Step One

To start deleting your history, you must log in to the user profile you want to modify but do so from your computer since there is no option to delete series on mobile. Therefore, enter the Netflix website from the browser of your computer or tablet and log in to the account in which you will edit the content.

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When you are inside, you must select the icon of your user profile that will appear at the top right of your screen and click on the Your account option. Then another page will open where you will see the section about your Profile.

Step Two

The “My Profile section” allows you to configure things like Language, Playback, Appearance of the subtitles, and other options. Here, you will find the Viewing Activity option in the lower right part; click on it to get to delete the content you want from the account.

How to clear netflix browsing history
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Step Three

Upon entering this option, the screen that will open will be an ordered list of series, films, and documentaries you have seen; the order will be from the most recent to the oldest. Notice that next to each title, on the right side, together with the option to Report a problem, there is a cross that indicates the option to delete.

Click on the X of the title you want to edit to delete it. This way, you can delete one by one the titles that you do not want anyone to see, or you can clean the entire history.

Step Four

When you click on the option to delete the title, marked by an X, you can choose between deleting the entire series or movie or the times it has been played, give the option to remove the series or movie to remove it from your history completely.

You will then see a notice informing you that the title you have deleted will be deleted from your viewing activity from all your devices in 24 hours. Therefore for this movie or series to disappear completely from all the devices you use, you will have to wait until one day.

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In this way, Netflix will no longer suggest films, series, or documentaries related to the titles you just deleted from your account history, and they will not be seen in the Recently viewed or Continue watching options.

Step Five

One way to prevent others from seeing some things you have recently viewed is to edit the recently viewed list from the Manage Profiles function so that it is separated from the lists that others have in this same account.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

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