How to Avoid Viruses on Android

Every day it is more fashionable to have viruses on our Android phones or tablets. A while ago, this was rare, but today we must be very alert to prevent viruses from entering your Android devices.

In this small tutorial, we show you a few simple steps for avoiding viruses on your Android.

Steps to follow:

Step One

Check the permissions of the programs that you install on your Android terminal instead of going over and just accepting. This appears just before downloading an application. It is recommended that you only install applications that have good ratings and several thousand downloads. This will minimize the risk of acquiring viruses.

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Step Two

Look at the apps and games' comments before installing them, their ratings, and the number of downloads they have, these three pieces of information can give you clues as to whether what you are going to download is a scam or actually a good app or game.

Avoiding viruses on Android
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Step Three

Do not install applications from a place other than Google Play. Google recommends that we only use its platform to download games and apps since the most likely way that any malware will get us is through APK files downloaded from the internet. If you are going to do it, they are very safe sources.

Step Four

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Use a good antivirus program to protect yourself from most attacks. In this article, we recommend two antiviruses for your Android mobile or tablet. The best is AVG or McAfee.

Step Five

We have to tell you that updating your Android device or resetting the default values ​​will eliminate the viruses you have.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

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