How To Clean And Cut Vegetables And Fruits

Here are simple ways that will save you time, energy, and money.


Option 1

Divide the orange into slices in this rather simple way. Cut off the fruit's top and bottom, then make a small vertical incision. Turn the orange.

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Option 2

If you need a whole peeled orange, try this option. Make a shallow incision along with the entire fruit. Then take a spoon and gently separate the pulp from the peel.


Wash the avocado. Make cuts on four sides. Separate the flesh from the nucleus. Remove the skin from the slices, gently pulling the corner.

How To Clean And Cut Vegetables And Fruits
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Cut the mango, separating the slices from four sides and bypassing the bone. Use a glass to remove the skin.


The tube will help to separate the berries from the stem. Just pierce her strawberries from the bottom up.


Push on the tip of the banana to break its peel. Pull the skin's edge down, then get rid of it completely.

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Bulgarian pepper

Put the peppers to one side and cut the hat with a sharp knife. With your hand or a spoon, remove the seeds. Divide the peppers into two parts. Cut off the excess to make the pepper particles flat. Fold them on top of each other, cut them into bars.

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