10 Fruits that Should Not be Kept in the Fridge

The refrigerator is a revolutionary invention that has changed our lives. Younger people are already born with a refrigerator at home, and sometimes they are not aware of the value of having this appliance.

Connected 24 hours a day to the current allows that many of our food does not spoil when we get home. But this trend of coming home and stocking the fridge with groceries isn't always the right thing to do. An example is fruits. In today's article, we will see the foods that should not be in the fridge.

Top 10 Fruits that Need to be Out of the Fridge

There are foods that we all know that if we do not put them in the fridge after a few hours, they become bad. For example, dairy products like milk, yogurt, or cottage cheese are susceptible to room temperature.

Even so, we should not put half a shopping basket in the fridge because we do not have space outside or because surely everything is better stored there. Generally, the fruits and the fridge should not be combined. They may spoil or lose the characteristics that we like so much. Here are these foods that need to be out of the fridge.

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Bananas and bananas are tropical fruits, and generally, all tropical fruit has to go out of the fridge. We will see more examples of tropical products in this list, as it is a type of food that we tend to put inside the refrigerator, not knowing that it is not recommended.

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Bananas should always ripen outside of the refrigerator because inside, they will not do it correctly, and when we eat them, we will not enjoy the same. If it is ripe, we can put it so that it can hold a little longer. In this case, the skin may be black, but inside, the fruit is still fine.


This fruit is susceptible to getting worse if put in the fridge since it also comes from the tropics. If we leave it in the refrigerator before it is ripe, its organoleptic properties are lost, and it acquires a poorly ripened flavor. It turns a darker color both outside and inside, having a duller appearance.


As we will see, fruits, in general, get worse in the cold. Especially in its ripening process, but tropical fruits are the ones that take the worst part. If we put fruit like papaya that is still green in the fridge, its maturation will be unsatisfactory, and the flavor and aroma will not be as expected.


Mango is another of those tropical fruits that we should avoid putting in the fridge. We could add many other tropical fruits such as passion, fruit or passion, fruit, papaya, etc. However, we have decided to include the most common ones on the list.

Passion fruit or passion fruit

The passion fruit or passion fruit should also avoid going to the refrigerator because of its tropical fruit status. We could do something that we could do with these fruits to put them in the fridge once they are ripe. If we put them in at the right time, they will have matured well, and we can win a day or two, but putting them before they mature is a mistake.


Many will be surprised to learn that avocado is a fruit because technically it is. And a unique fruit, because in addition to being tropical, has a high-fat content, something very unusual when it comes to fruits. Like other fruits, it should ripen out of the fridge.

Only once it is ripe can we keep the avocado inside to save a little time if we are not going to eat it yet. It is a fruit that does not support many activities, and if we open it, it oxidizes easily. If we have opened it, we can bathe it with lemon juice to prevent its oxidation.


Citrus fruits such as lemons, oranges, and limes must not be put in the fridge as they spoil. The best approach to preserve them and retain their aroma is to leave them in a cool and dry place. Putting it on a counter on the table or in a basket somewhere a little ventilated is ideal for this fruit type.

Fruits with seeds or stones

Fruits such as apple or apricot tolerate cold better than other fruits. However, the best way for them to exploit their full potential for flavors and aromas is by letting them ripen outside. Once these fruits are ripe, it is not so serious if we put them in the fridge, but we advise against it.

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 Watermelon and melon

Watermelon and melon are a type of fruit that is associated with summer, and drinking them very cool. While it is a pleasure to refresh ourselves, some of its benefits may be lost. Vitamin C and some of the antioxidants they contain can be damaged in the fridge when cold. This implies that if we want to help our defenses in the best possible way, we will do so if we do not put the watermelon and melon in the fridge.

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We finish the list with the tomato. Yes, the tomato is also a fruit, although it is always associated with vegetables. Tomato is one of the fruits that suffers the most in the fridge. When we put the tomato in the cold, its tissues break, causing them to release more water. The texture loses in quality, and therefore only with this detail, the flavor already worsens. The best option for them is to store them in a cool, dry place.

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