How to Choose a Cover for my Pool

When the hot weeks are over, we must take precautions to maintain our pool during the winter months. One of the most important recommendations is to cover our pool.
The market is full of alternatives. Some of them are so complete that they even allow us to enjoy it all year round. That's why we will explain how to choose a cover for your pool in the right way.
Steps to follow:

Step One

It is important to keep our pool covered to protect it from the cold, plants falling from trees, and debris during the rainy or winter months. Hence, it is highly recommended to choose effective pool covers that optimize their maintenance in the months we do not use them.

Step Two

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There are Different kinds of pool coverings. The most elaborate consist of structures that completely cover the pool, preventing dirt from entering, but animals or small children cannot do so either. The most advanced also keep the water hot during the colder months, allowing it to use the pool throughout the year.

How to choose a cover for my pool - Step 2
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Step Three

Another frequent option is the tarpaulins to cover the pool. These allow the area to be protected from the inclement weather. However, the pool cannot be used in the same way as with the previous covers.

How to choose a cover for my pool - Step 3
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Step Four

Plastic pool covers are also a popular alternative, just like canvas ones do not allow the pool's use while it is covered but protect it.

Step Five

The wooden covers are also an option, especially among those willing to invest a little more in the structure involving assembly. A durable and recommended alternative.

How to choose a cover for my pool - Step 5
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Step Six

We must always choose a cover for our resistant pool and can effectively withstand the inclement weather. It is also important to choose products that offer us a guarantee and specialized service for their installation.

Step Seven

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Remember that your cover size must be greater than the pool so that it can cover it all effectively, so having the measurements of your pool is essential. Do not hesitate to ask for advice before making a purchase.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

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