Tips for Cleaning a Swimming Pool

Having a pool at home is fabulous, you can use it whenever you want, you don't have to share it with anyone, you can take a bath in the moonlight and have pools every weekend in the summer.

However, it is an investment that requires extensive cleaning, which is why many people regret having it. This does not happen. This article reveals some tricks to clean the pool without wanting to get rid of it.

Steps to follow:

Step One

Never neglect your supply of disinfectant. During the winter, the pool care should be the same as during the summer. It must be taken into account that storms and low temperatures cloud the water, which will destabilize the PH and ruin the antibacterial climate of your pool.

Step Two

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One of the tricks to clean swimming pools is not to use soap, as it tends to react with chlorine. Preferably use acids and anti-algae. Remember that the sun acts in their production, and you do not want your pool to become a swamp.

Tips for cleaning the pool - Step 2
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Step Three

Every day remove debris that can be found in the pump basket or floating, such as leaves, flowers, and any garbage that the wind brings. This task is tedious, but it will only take a few minutes and help prevent dirt build-up and water contamination.

Step Four

To remove Verdana and mold, you must do a more thorough cleaning, which is very annoying. So a trick to clean a pool is to add a cup of bleach once a week at the end of the day. This will keep the pool clean for five days.

Tips for cleaning the pool - Step 4
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Step Five

To clean the filter, filter the water for seven or eight hours and even if you don't need it, run the cleaner. Finally, check that the nozzles are towards the bottom and facilitate the circulation of the water.

To prevent your pool from becoming a lake of insects, some covers protect the surface at night and even during winter. They are an ideal option to avoid spending so much work cleaning the pool when the summer season arrives and avoiding accidents when there are children at home.

Tips for cleaning the pool - Step 6
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Step Seven

Have the floor and wall brushes on hand, which are ideal for removing any stains that are difficult to remove in the depths. There are also concrete ceilings and tile brushes, which guarantee the maintenance of the material's texture and keep it clean of impurities.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

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