How To Celebrate A Birthday At Home In Quarantine: Three Main Components

Any holiday on self-isolation or quarantine restrictions is automatically a family holiday. When everyone is at home, and it is impossible to use the services of restaurants, children's rooms, and animation, the holiday becomes a great opportunity to get to know each other, says psychologist Julia Chemer.

This period gives us a tremendous opportunity to leave our comfort zone, not simplify, and not delegate our responsibilities and capabilities to the event service companies. Here are the three main components of your holiday:

1. Soul company

It just so happened that people close to us are not always the most familiar. So there is a reason to get to know each other better. To spend the year's most significant day - a birthday only with the very best.

2. Delicious table

Of course, you can order the delivery of your favorite dishes. Move away from the standards of cooking certain dishes for the celebration and choose a few dishes that are unknown to you or those that you wanted to cook but never got around to.

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As a family, make a grocery list and start cooking together. Let everyone do their own cooking, and if there are four or more of you, you can arrange something like a cooking show. Make a beautiful presentation and original presentation of your dishes.

3. Fun entertainment

For a children's birthday, you can arrange a quest for the birthday person. Access to the Internet allows you to scoop endless ideas and chips of this type of activity. Only you yourself choose what your hero of the occasion loves. It is also an original way to give a gift.

Board games are suitable for any celebration. There are now a huge number of them for all age categories and companies of different ages. If you've never had an evening of board games with family or friends, this is a big omission! Believe me; this is a great way to get to know each other better and have incredible fun.

So what dilutes our life with bright colors? Of course, creativity and music!

How To Celebrate A Birthday At Home In Quarantine: Three Main Components

You can play "Guess the melody" or "Show the song with gestures", have a disco, or sing karaoke. And all the available gadgets will allow you to shoot a cool video and take many pictures, which will remain warm memories in your heart for a lifetime.

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"Moments of crisis force us to change habits and plans. But nothing happens just like that. All the best comes when we don't expect it. One has only to take a creative look at the situation, and perhaps it will fundamentally change your attitude to future events. A joint pastime can be pleasant, exciting, informative, and, of course, festive! And the fact that it brings you closer is for sure, "assures Yulia Chemer.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

Sources: Today Lifestyle