How To Get Rid Of Heartburn During Pregnancy

Heartburn is an unpleasant burning sensation in the stomach; behind the sternum, it usually occurs somewhere in the 20th week of pregnancy. More often, after a hearty lunch or dinner. The reason for the heartburn during pregnancy is a malfunction of such a well-functioning internal mechanism as the digestive tract. At the bottom, the esophagus has a sphincter, a clamp that opens easily when swallowed food goes into the stomach. 

And in the opposite direction (from the stomach), the sphincter does not pass anything. Normally, this valve is tightly closed. But in pregnant women, the tone of smooth muscles (the sphincter also consists of them) decreases due to the hormone progesterone's action. An enlarged uterus contributes to an increase in intra-abdominal pressure. So the valve opens in the wrong direction, lifting the stomach's acidic contents upward and thereby causing heartburn. However, there are ways to handle this!

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Let's make amendments to mom's menu

To reduce heartburn,not so many pills and potions that help the expectant mother, but also proper nutrition. The main requirement is to eat a little, but often (five to seven times a day). The choice of food is also important.

POSSIBLE: milk, cream, cottage cheese, steam omelet, boiled meat, fish, white bread. These food antacids quickly relieve the burning sensation.

DO NOT: fried and fatty foods, hot sauces, seasonings, sour juices, sweet creams. You will also have to give up vegetables containing coarse fiber (white cabbage, radishes, garlic, onions).

How To Get Rid Of Heartburn During Pregnancy
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Soda - minus, drugs - plus?

For a long time, baking soda was considered a good remedy for heartburn. Today experts are asking to refrain from using it. Although the alkaline drink is effective, it is short-lived. Soon, discomfort resumes because when interacting with gastric juice, carbon dioxide is formed, which has a sporogonic effect. Also, during pregnancy, taking sodium bicarbonate (soda) leads to edema, and after all, most expectant mothers already suffer from them. Why do you need these problems? It is better to consult a good gastroenterologist immediately.

Perhaps the doctor will consider it necessary to prescribe your pharmaceutical products (Alfogel, Fosfalugel, Gaviscon). Take them according to the prescription by the doctor, and the condition will return to normal!

To make it easy and comfortable

Sometimes heartburn is the result of contractions. This is due to mommy's clothing preferences. We are talking about things that tighten the stomach, tight belts, or an incorrectly fitted bandage. Rather, replace them with high-quality, suitable-sized blouses, trousers!

Do you exercise every morning? Well done! Just remember now; no bends, squats, or abdominal loads! Otherwise, the tummy may rebel. You also need to dress carefully - without sudden movements.

Sleep for health

Deep and long sleep restores strength and heals many ailments. A familiar expression? It also applies to heartburn. Take note of this and improve the quality of rest!
♦ After dinner (eat only easily digestible foods!), Be sure to walk through the park, square, forest. Then, before you go to bed, the food will have time to digest. Do not overeat at night.
♦ Avoid strong tea and drinks containing caffeine in the evening.
♦ Sleep with the headboard raised at an angle of 15 ° (you can ask your husband to put something under the legs of the bed or use pillows). In this position, the stomach contents do not go to the esophagus and do not irritate the mucous membrane.
♦ Is heartburn worse at night when turning from one side to the other? This, unfortunately, often happens. Sit in the bed or walk around the room, drink some cool, still water (put it on the bedside table in the evening) - and everything will pass!

Psychological attitude

Modern perinatal psychologists have a rather interesting version of the psychosomatic causes of heartburn. They believe that this is something like a kind of message from the baby to the mother. Often this happens when parents are waiting, for example, for a girl and a boy develops in the womb, or when a woman is terrified of something, worries or does not accept the baby yet ... Naturally, the little one reacts to this! 

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But after all, you should start communication (even if it is in absentia) positively. Try to change your train of thought, talk to people who can help allay fears, read literature, search for answers to your questions on forums on the Internet. Once you calm down, the heartburn will go away.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

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