How to Throw a Birthday Party in the Park

Do you want to celebrate an inexpensive and fun party? If your child is approaching their birthday, what better way than planning a magnificent children's party full of surprises and outdoor activities.

We detail how to plan a birthday celebration in a park, a great option for young and old to enjoy with friends over the spring and summer. This party is an option adapted to your pocket, forget about having to say no to some guests due to lack of budget, the park fits all.

Party in the Park: Date and Place

If your celebration will be held in the summer, it is better that you choose a time when it is no longer excessively hot. The afternoon-evening will be ideal for you to enjoy hours of natural light and celebrate your birthday in the park.

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Think that the time of year in which you celebrate the party will be significant when choosing the date and time. Pick a park or field close to your house that is large enough for various activities. If you have a house with a large patio, it can also be an ideal option.

Party in the Park: Guests

What is a party without guests? Make a list of all the people you decide should attend the party. Remember that you will not have problems with space or almost budget by celebrating it in a park, so you are free to invite as many kids and their parents as you like. Have your little one make their own fun personalized invitations. Paper, cardboard, colored pencils, and a little imagination will be enough to make some original and creative invitations. Get your child involved!

birthday party in the park
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Party in the park: Decoration

The decoration in any party is crucial, even if we celebrate the birthday in a park. Buy decorative items like balloons, garlands, streamers, or pennants. You do not have to leave a lot of budgets because a simple thing will suffice.

You can also ask your child to help you decorate, to make personal and original decorations. To do this, use tissue paper, cardboard, or cutouts. Don't forget to get a piñata, which the children can later break and get candy. Add your own touch to the outdoor area and, above all, respect the green areas.

Party in the park: Catering

Food is a must! Prepare a healthy, quick, and easy snack or snack. The simplicity will help you satisfy young and old, and it will be faster for you to prepare. Be creative when it comes to catering.

Make a pica-pica with french fries, olives, and nuts, among others. Additionally, you may make sandwiches and an assortment of cold cuts or cheeses. Other options are fruit skewers, pasties, or snacking with potato omelet, croquettes, or pizzas. Don't forget to sweeten the party with a nice birthday cake, trinkets, or chocolate chip cookies. You will delight your guests.

Party in the Park: Activities and Games

Liven up the party with activities and games for young and old. Get your guests to participate actively. Make a list of the best outdoor games. We propose a sack race, the team scarf game, or hopscotch, among others. Make the little ones discover the games of a lifetime, and you will have a great time.

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If your party takes place in the height of summer, you can propose a water party with balloons or guns. And don't forget the traditional piñata. Let your imagination and Propose a gymkhana or different tests for children to discover a treasure ... Anything goes!

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

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