How to Block a Stolen Phone

The interest that smartphones arouse among thieves is increasing, which makes it necessary to know how to block a stolen mobile

Suffering the theft of your mobile phone can lead to serious consequences, such as the loss of personal data or unwanted charges being made on your bill. We will teach you everything you need to know to block your phone in case of theft.

Steps to follow:

Step One

If you want to know how to block your stolen mobile, the first thing is to have the IMEI code of your smartphone at hand. It is the most important and representative code of the mobile. You can look for it in your phone box, in the purchase invoice (if you keep it), or in the private user area of ​​your operator.

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Step Two

Now call the operator and explain your situation. They will ask you to identify yourself, for which you will need two things: your ID and the IMEI of the mobile. Once the operator verifies the information you have provided, it will lock the phone , so that it cannot be used by the person who stole it.

Step Three

With the IMEI blocked, making calls will also have been limited, as well as the use of 3G and 4G connection. The blocking order will only apply to your operator's database but will also be extended to the others to complete the blockade.

The only solution that the thief will have to use your mobile will be to change the phone's IMEI, which will not be easy.

Step Four

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To make sure that the thief of your phone does not go unpunished, you can make a report to the police indicating the IMEI number corresponding to the mobile.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

Sources: Uncomo