How Talking on Phone Before Bed Is Dangerous To Your Health

According to the authors of the new study, they found an interesting pattern. It turns out that talking on a mobile phone before going to bed is dangerous to your health since the radiation emanating from it negatively affects the whole organism's activity. Experts announced this after the implementation of a unique experiment of its kind.

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According to a group of scientists from the Edinburgh Institute, which is the author of this study, the results of poor sleep can be changes in the mental state of a person and the occurrence of depression.

How Talking on Phone Before Bed Is Dangerous To Your Health
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Scientists note that lovers of nighttime conversations may experience insomnia and severe headaches. According to doctors, the radiation emitted by a mobile phone is the main factor that affects the process of falling asleep. Also, a person enters the deep sleep phase for a longer time, contributing to the restoration of body functions. Typically, sleep disorders in adults can be accompanied by apathy and lack of mood. Scientists note that in such patients, the level of concentration and attention is significantly reduced.

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To participate in the study, the experts recruited more than 70 volunteers, including men and women. The results of this test have been published in a popular foreign scientific publication.

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