How to Clean a Phone Screen

The mobile screen, especially when it comes to a touchscreen smartphone, gets very stained with finger grease. Also, other dirt cannot be seen. There are numerous bacteria that, also through your hands, reach the screen, which at some point you will bring to your mouth when you speak on the phone.

To help you maintain hygiene, we will give you some tips on cleaning your mobile screen. Read on!

Steps to follow:

Step One

We start with what you should not do. It is not recommended that you use running water, especially if you live in a calcareous area, since, in the long run, the lime would impregnate the screen of your device. Alcohol and glass cleaners, even if reduced, are too aggressive for the screen.

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Step Two

Ideally, you should buy a specific liquid, which you will find in computer stores or department stores, which do not have additives that can damage your mobile screen.

Step Three

To apply it, do not use toilet paper or napkins because they can scratch the surface of your phone. The best thing to do is to use cotton buds. Its cotton tip is designed not to damage the inside of the ears, and therefore, they will act delicately on your smartphone. A small microfiche cloth can also be helpful, as it will not leave behind lint.

How to clean a phone screen
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Step Four

Another option is to buy a pack of liquid for computer screens and a small sponge to apply it.

Step Five

When applying the cleaner, soak the swab, cloth, or sponge and let it drip so that the screen does not get too much liquid. Afterward, apply it gently over the entire surface of the screen, but do not trace or rub excessively.

Step Six

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It does not hurt that you carry out this operation daily, especially if you are one of those who does not detach from your smartphone.

More Tips

  • Never clean the mobile screen while it is connected to the electrical current. Preferably, the phone should be switched off.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

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