Here is How to Make Tomato Juice

Of all the juices, tomato juice is one of the most popular and consumed worldwide. This drink offers our body a dose of antioxidants, potassium, and various vitamins, making it a healthy option full of benefits. And although in the market we can find a fair offer of this type of juices, there is nothing like the homemade option. Here we explain how to make tomato juice step by step. Read on!
Steps to follow to make this recipe

Step One

The juice or tomato juice is perfect for any time of the day, as its a refreshing and delicious option that you can take alone or with any meal. Thanks to the many benefits of tomato, this alternative is excellent for taking advantage of its various vitamins and nutrients quickly and deliciously.

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Step Two

To make tomato juice, start by washing the tomatoes well and putting them in the fridge long enough to cool down. In this way, when you finish creating your juice, you can drink it right away without cooling it.

Once they are done, peel all the tomatoes.

Tomato juice
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Step Three

Add the peeled tomatoes to a blender or grinder along with a pinch of fresh basil and fresh parsley. Mix until the tomato is completely crushed. If the final result is too thick, you can add a glass of preferably cold water.

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Step Four

To give the final touch to your tomato juice, add salt and pepper to taste along with a little lemon juice, which will give this refreshing drink a delicious flavor. Strain if you want the juice to have a perfect texture.

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