How to Apply for a Walmart Rewards Mastercard

For the regular Walmart shoppers, this is the ideal card to have at your disposal to earn something for your loyalty. As the Walmart Rewards Mastercard is meant to be used in Walmart shops for everyday shopping, this is the right thing to do.

Take a closer look at this card and see if it is the shopper credit card for you. And also consider the benefits and disadvantages of the card.

Additionally, bear in mind that there are risks involved with any type of credit car. And there are also fees involved with any financial service.

How to Apply for a Walmart Rewards Mastercard

Fees and Interest

As it is with any financial service, you will pay fees for certain services that are provided to the cardholder.

  • You will pay a 19.89 percent purchase interest rate with the Walmart Rewards Mastercard.
  • For any cash advances, there is a 21.49 percent interest rate involved.
  • When you do any balance transfers, there will also be a 19.89 percent interest rate to it.

And as you will see with the benefits, there is no annual fee involved to be a Walmart Rewards Mastercard holder.

How to Apply

It is relatively easy to apply for the Walmart Rewards Mastercard, and it can be done at any Walmart shop at the register. Alternatively, you can apply online by going to the website and following the easy on-screen instructions to complete your application.

You must have a credit score of at least 640 to be able to qualify for this Rewards Mastercard at Walmart. You should also be a permanent resident of Canada and must be at the age of majority in your province.

You must also make a single-receipt purchase of $50 at any Walmart store or online at on the same day you are opening the account.

Bank Contact Details

To get in contact with the customer service, you can phone the following number: 1-866-462-4779 or send an email on this site.

Physical Address: Inc., 360 Adelaide St. West, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M5V 1R7

Features and Benefits

There are a number of benefits involved with the Walmart Rewards Mastercard for the regular shoppers of Walmart shops.

  • You also get a 1.25 percent cash back reward for every purchase you make at a Walmart store or online store.
  • When you use the Rewards Mastercard to buy at other shops than Walmart, you will get a 1 percent cash back reward.
  • New cardholders will also receive a $25 in Walmart reward dollars if you make two purchases with your card. These purchases must be made within the first 30 days after receiving your card.
  • To get the $25 reward dollars, you need to make the two purchases within 30 days, and for that, you receive a $15 reward. And a $10 reward for any paperless or electronic purchase you may make.

No Annual Fees

Due to this functionality, you do not need to pay any fees to have the Walmart Rewards Mastercard at your disposal. This is an absolutely free service provided by Walmart to the loyal and regular shoppers at the shops and online.

This simply means that even if you do not use the card for a while, there will be no payments to make for the card. It is not like with other shop credit cards where you pay an annual fee and have to use the card.

This is a benefit you do not always get when you make use of any type of financial service. See the following website for all the benefits and features that come with the Walmart Rewards Mastercard.

How to Apply for a Walmart Rewards Mastercard


As you can see, this Walmart Rewards Mastercard can be a valuable addition for the regular Walmart shoppers with great rewards. This will be worth the effort to go to any register at any Walmart shop and apply for your Mastercard now to see if you qualify.

Note: Keep in mind that there are quite risks involved with any type of credit card at any financial institute. And you want to review the terms and conditions of the Walmart Rewards Mastercard to get the right information.