How To Make Money On The Internet While In Quarantine

The weekend quarantine has accelerated the development of online commerce. And the world was flooded with dropshipping firms. Let us learn how to make money while in quarantine.

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The scheme is not new - it was invented back in 1927, but it has been transferred to modern reality. The idea is quite simple; sell products on your website and transfer the buyer's data directly to the supplier to directly send the order. The popularity of dropshipping grew in the early 2000s with the rise of online shopping.

How To Make Money On The Internet While In Quarantine
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"My first income was small, about 100-150 hryvnia per day. It could have been not every day, but once a week if nothing was done for this," says drop shipper Natalya Ryzhaya and adds that to earn, you need first of all desire - Anyone can do this. If you are sitting at home, you have a small child, all the same, 2 hours a day while he sleeps or plays, you can devote time to this business. At first, you don’t need to invest anything. You need to invest later if you want something more. "

You can sell the goods of your suppliers for free on social networks or message boards. Using paid sites, they are also called marketplaces - experts say that this investment will pay off in the first month.

"If you set a shop in a paid marketplace. We still recommend creating it. As practice shows, the store for which this money is spent pays off within a month or two. That is, the year you paid for already brings profit for you, "explains Oksana Bober, director of the dropshipping platform.

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So, for successful drop shipping, you need a computer, a mobile phone, Internet access, suppliers with a good reputation (they can be identified in advance from reviews and ratings from other dropshippers), from two hours of free time. And also decide who and what you are interested in selling.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

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