Alum Stone: The Most Effective Natural Deodorant

Many people suffer from their body odor, and there are thousands of deodorants available to attack the problem. However, many of them are not sufficient, irritating, or unhealthy due to the compounds they include.

The Alum is gaining fame for its effectiveness as a natural deodorant. But what exactly is it, and how does it work?

In nature, it is found in crystallized salt and has been used since ancient times, although it fell into disuse due to the advent of the chemical industry. This deodorant stone was already known to the Romans for its healing and bactericidal qualities.

If you suffer from irritated armpits, you don't like the scent of the deodorants they sell, or you want to put chemicals aside, then this stone will be your great ally.

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Alum stone is an organic mineral composed of potassium and aluminum (it does not contain aluminum hydrochloride, the component found in conventional deodorants). Because it is natural, it does not have perfume or alcohol, and it is also free of parabens and chemicals.

The natural minerals in alum stone form an invisible layer of protection against odor-causing bacteria. Therefore, its most common use is as a deodorant. It can also be applied after shaving, as it soothes the skin after waxing or to control the odor of other areas of the body such as feet, groin, etc.

Also, it has been found that it can act as a healing agent due to its astringent properties, and some chemical variants are used to shine clothes, maintain furs, and linings.

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Choosing the Right Stone

The best option is natural stone. You will recognize it by its slightly translucent appearance and because its ingredients include « potassium alum.» As the law requires that all its components be detailed on the labels of cosmetic products, it will not be difficult for you to differentiate between the two types of alum stone. Avoid synthetic ones because they contain ammonia and aluminum.

Keep in mind that it is expected that they are not perfumed. Dare to modify this little habit in your natural care! It will be of great help for your health and to have a lower environmental impact.

How to Use The Stone

It needs to be slightly moistened before usage. Then apply it to the areas of the skin you want to treat: armpits, feet, face, etc. Remember that you must first have cleaned and dried the skin well since the stone dissolves when it comes into contact with water.

After use, do not forget to dry it and keep it completely clean. We must be careful not to drop it, as it breaks very easily.

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It is recommended to apply it twice in each armpit, with wide circular and energetic movements to ensure that the entire area is well impregnated.

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