Face Care in Winter - Start Preparing Now

Winter is coming! Are you already dreading the dry, irritated, and itchy skin that comes along with the season? The blustery outdoor cold and indoor heat can rob both your surrounding and your skin of moisture.

Everything you love about fresh and snowy winter can strip your skin of its natural oils. Don’t worry, there are simple ways to combat dry and dehydrated skin.

Make some subtle yet necessary changes to maintain supple and moist skin all through winter. In this article, you will find 5 effective tips to help maintain your skin’s natural moisture all season long.

Face Care in Winter - Start Preparing Now

Watch What You Eat

There’s a direct connection between your skin health and gut. Even though one of the best things about winter is that you can layer up clothes and not worry about maintaining a beach body, you still must watch your diet.

You can eat a rich diet which includes fish oil, flaxseed oil, olive oil, walnuts, and avocados. Oil-enriching food supplements that contain omega-3 or omega-6 are often recommended.

Even though a hot cup of coffee or an extra glass of wine seems so comforting in freezing winter evenings, do not overdo it with caffeine and alcohol. These diuretics will lead to dehydration. Instead, reward your body by drinking tons of water.

Prep Your Home

The drier the air surrounding you, the drier your skin. You cannot do much about the harsh outdoor conditions, but you can condition your indoor environment.

The first thing you want to do on chilly days is to crank up the heat. As central heat can make the air even drier, try to set the thermostat at a moderate setting.

It is strongly advised to place a humidifier in the bedroom, or the room you spend most of your time. A cool air humidifier can increase the air’s moisture level and help maintain the skin’s hydration.

Prep Your Skin Well

Without some light exfoliation, no amount of serums and creams can relieve dry skin. Choose a gentle scrub with lactic acid or mild glycolic acid to help remove the layer of dead skin.

If you have naturally dry or raw skin, you may skip exfoliation. A gentler option would be to use a wet washcloth. You can use Tretinoin, as the wrinkle-fighting hero can alleviate the harsh winter impacts on the skin.

Experts suggest using a gentle formula for cleansing and toning a few times a week. Toss any face washes that contain drying ingredients like additives and fragrances. Gentler cleansers are formulated with ingredients such as oatmeal and chamomile.

Choose Winter-friendly Skincare Products

Serums are important all year round, but especially in the wintertime. An alcohol-free antioxidant serum can prevent sun spots, premature fine lines, and breakdown of collagen.

Before you layer your skin with heavier products, apply a vitamin-C formula. Use sunscreen even on cloudy winter days to keep skin protected from harmful consequences of UV exposure.

A commonly ignored step is looking for a winter-specific hydrating moisturizer. Choose creams over lotions. Ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and ceramides are excellent for cracked skin. Finally, do not neglect your lips. Applying moisturizing balms such as petroleum jelly can help prevent or heal dry cracked lips.

Never Skip Your Nighttime Routine

A nighttime routine every night before bed is a great way of ensuring healthy skin the next morning. After regular steps such as serum and moisturizer, you can apply eye cream to the lids and under eyes.

A hot evening shower may be very tempting on chilly days but limit rinse time. Shower for no more than five minutes, and avoid using water that is too hot. Even warm water can cause surface dehydration. To tackle that, apply a thick coat of moisturizer within 60 seconds after getting out of the shower. Moisturizers containing mineral oils, ceramides, or lanolin can help hold on to moisture through the night.

If you have overly dry skin, you can do an extra step: a hydrating sheet mask during bedtime once a week. While masks containing plenty of hyaluronic acids are best suited for this, avoid clay or charcoal masks.

Face Care in Winter - Start Preparing Now


Following a diligent winter routine can lead to healthy and hydrated skin. Attend to a few minor details, and you can enjoy glowing happy skin through winter.