10 Supermarket Shopping Tips That Will Save You Money, Time and Frustration

Before visiting the supermarket

1. Plan your menu for the week

If you know exactly what and when to cook, you will determine what you need to buy, what is in the refrigerator, and so in excess. This will save you from rush purchases and, at the same time, from agonizing thoughts of cooking for dinner during the week.

2. Check discounts

Take a look at the supermarket's website, scroll through the virtual catalog, and use special applications to find discounts. If you find good prices for products with a long shelf life, it might be worth adding them to your shopping list to save money.

3. Make a list

Even if you have an excellent memory, you should not rely on it in this matter. Write down on a piece of paper or enter into your smartphone a list of products to buy. Examine the cabinet beneath the sink in the bathroom.: you may have run out of laundry detergent or trash bags. This way you can buy everything you really need in one go.

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4. Grab the player

Paradoxical but true: slow background music increases store sales by 38%. Using background music to influence supermarket shoppers' behavior, Less meditative tunes played from the headphones will help you not fall for this bait.

5. Eat

It is simple to entice someone who is hungry with food, and he will fill the basket much more actively. Researchers even determined how much: if you do not eat in advance, spend, on average, 64%. Empty tummies might result in empty wallets more than a full stomach.

6. Choose the right time

You will most likely have to run in for bread after work during rush hour. It is better to plan large-scale purchases at a more suitable time. Then you will avoid huge queues and cramped aisles, and the shelves will not grieve with a gaping void.

To calculate the correct time, consider when walking to the supermarket is most uncomfortable. By the way, some shops offer additional discounts for special days and shopping hours, and some check the information booth for information.

7. Park closer to the exit

You enter the supermarket light, and any distance is within your power, and you leave with huge bags or a heavy trolley. Therefore, the return journey should be as short as possible.

10 Supermarket Shopping Tips That Will Save You Money, Time and Frustration
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On the trading floor

8. Limit time

Make it a goal to make your purchases within a reasonable time. Tight timing will not allow you to “see something else” and spend too much. Also, the "anything else" category rarely includes anything needed.

9. Walk only on specific rows

If you need cabbage, milk, and pasta, go to the vegetable, dairy, and pasta shelves. A leisurely wandering around the supermarket forces you to buy something that was not in the plans. And so that you are not afraid to forget to take something, you have a list.

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10. See below and above

The most expensive items are kept on shelves that are at eye level. So it pays to look down to find products at a more affordable price. Note that cheaper doesn't mean worse. Just compare the compositions.

By the way, at the level above 170 cm, there may also be excellent inexpensive goods. And even higher, you should look for products that ended on the shelves: it is possible that the sauce for the promotion did not have time to shift from the packaging to the proper place. True, to get it, it is better to call a supermarket employee.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

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