What Should I Post on Twitter?

Twitter is a social network that has grown a lot in recent years. It is used in a professional and personal way, and it has become a viral online communication and marketing tool used by companies.

It is a handy method to receive and publish information in which each user has 140 characters to write impressions, news, tips, etc. so that any of the tweeters can read it. To find out which publications are the most appropriate, we will explain what should be published on Twitter.

The use of Twitter gives the license to publish not only corporate or business matters, but also opinions or impressions.

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It is always effective to publish news of general interest or advice on a current news story. It will be a very frequent tweet and will interest a large majority. To do this, you must always link the source from which the news was taken. Also, shorten the link with tools such as Bitly.com. Although it is not mandatory, as a courtesy, the media, the person, or the website that published it is typically named with "@."

You can also ask questions regarding a current topic to start a digital debate in which anyone who wants can give their opinion on the specific issue. On the contrary, launch a question that raises concern to find solutions or views on the matter.

What to post on twitter
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Retweeting is another of the actions that can be performed on Twitter. When a person or company publishes a tweet that is interesting to you, it is retweeted so that your followers can also access the information. This practice should not be abused; it is better to seek new information of interest.

You can also look for work through social networks, such as Twitter. To do this, you must always offer a link to the CV that you want to show and highlight the keywords using a hashtag (#). For example, if it is for a job as a waiter: “I'm looking for a #waiter job. I have experience in #restaurants and #bars. Visit my #CV: and put the link ”. More and more, Twitter is one of the most used tools to publish and search for job offers.

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Beware of Social Media Posts

In general, attention should be paid to those we post on social media. They are public tools, accessible, and visible to any user. For this reason, it is highly recommended not to publish topics such as problems related to work, vacation dates, routines, and schedules that you follow daily personal details or geolocation of where you are at all times. Social media, such as Twitter, is beneficial but must be used responsibly.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

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