How to Use Hashtags on Instagram

The hashtags are one of those tools that have gone from being exclusive to one platform. In this case, Twitter becomes an indispensable part of the Internet language. They were copied by Facebook and, how could it be otherwise, also introduced on Instagram.

But how do you use them? Is there any trick beyond putting a hash mark in front of any keyword? We tell you how hashtags are used on Instagram.


What words to use as a hashtag? You can use any, keeping in mind that you cannot use spaces. The most common and practical is to use keywords: the subject that describes the photograph, words that, in some way, define the image, the place where it was taken, etc.

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Another prevalent trend is to use hashtags with humor, more as a joke than because someone will use it in searches.

Without Going Over

Perhaps you are tired of seeing photos on Instagram with twenty different hashtags to get more followers. Although this way, you will appear in more results, it is not a very accepted practice in the social network: try to limit yourself to three labels. You will make the text you add more attention-grabbing, make the image and hashtags more relevant and, above all, make fewer people hate you for being spammers.

using hashtags on Instagram
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On the Comments

The hashtags on Instagram may be included in both the general text you write to accompany the image and comments. But here is a small distinction: hashtags that you add in comments on your photos will place the image in searches for that hashtag. However, if you add hashtags in comments on pictures of other users, they will not have that effect.


If you want to see images under the same hashtag, you have two straightforward ways to do it: you can click on any hashtag you see on Instagram, or you can enter it in the search engine. You will see a list with the photographs that are thus labeled.

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Who Created Hashtags?

A little curiosity: would you like to know who used each hashtag for the first time? The Instagrammers App for iOS allows you to find out who was the author of each hashtag and when they used it for the first time.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

Sources: Uncomo