How to Download Photos from Flickr

Flickr is a perfect platform to have backup copies of all your images. In this application, you can have all your content safe, and when you want, you can download all the content you require on your personal computer.
You can download photos individually or in groups, as long as there is permission from the author of the image. We tell you how to download pictures from Flickr.

Steps to Follow:

Step One

If you have permission to download any image, the process is straightforward: if you want to download photos individually, you will have to click on the image you want to open, press the download icon, choose the desired size, and that's it. The photos will appear in the download folder that you have pre-established on your computer.

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If you wish to download multiple photos at the same time, hover over You, choose the Photo Roll option, choose one or more items, and click Download Zip File.

If you usually use Instagram and now you want to transfer the photos from this app to Flickr, we invite you to read the OneHowTo article in which we tell you to step by step how to upload your Instagram photos to Flickr.

Step Two

But if what you want is to download images from others, a highly recommended program is Download. The first thing you should do is install Download, if by doing so, the browser you have installed blocks it, click to make it available temporarily. Download the Updatr.exe file to a new folder and double-click to proceed with the installation.

How to Download Photos from Flickr - Step 2
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Step Three

To download images from Flickr using the Download application, you must open the tool and search for images that interest you. Once you have set your search parameters, the results will be displayed on the right side. You will have to click or drag the photos chosen from Flickr and that you want to download. Then, you will have to press the Download Selected button to download the pictures to your computer.

How to Download Photos from Flickr - Step 3
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Step Four

If you also want to make a backup of all your content on Flickr, there is an excellent program to do this, called Bulkr. It is an application that works great and allows you to download all the Flickr albums keeping the entire organizational structure with data, titles, descriptions, and everything stored. It is a paid application, but you can always enjoy it if you make frequent use of the tool.

How to Download Photos from Flickr - Step 4
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Step Five

Once you have it installed, you can download batches of images in various ways.

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  • Make a copy of all our content on Flickr, without respecting the albums.
  • Make a copy by selecting only the photos we want of everything stored on Flickr.
  • You can also make a copy of the albums, of all that we want. This is undoubtedly the option that makes this tool unique. And download each album to its folder on the hard drive.
  • Another way to download is by choosing only the images marked as favorites.

In short, with this tool, you can make a backup of all your images in the way you choose.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

Sources: Uncomo