Ways to Spot a Fake Twitter Account

Are you addicted to Twitter? The 140 characters have revolutionized our lives. They are an excellent way to find out instantly what is happening in the world or to find out more about us, although as always when we talk about the Internet, it is essential to be careful.
Unfounded rumors and hoaxes are rampant on Twitter, often coming from fake accounts. If you don't know how to identify it, we explain how to tell if a Twitter account is false so that you will be more cautious.

Steps to Follow:

Step One

Without a doubt, the best way to know if a Twitter account is true or false is to see if it has the Twitter verification code. It is that small blue spot with a white tick in the center that appears in some accounts of relevant people, large companies, media, etc.

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This assures users that we are dealing with the original account, the official page we are looking for, and not someone who has made a fake account to impersonate your identity, copycats, fakers, etc.

How to know if a Twitter account is fake - Step 1
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Step Two

But Twitter limits the use of the check a lot, so we have other tools to identify fake Twitter accounts. For example, applications such as SocialBro and Untweeps; These are two applications that help us identify followers who have been inactive for more than three months, one of the keys to identifying if an account is false.

Step Three

The Fake Follower Check website classifies Twitter accounts according to a verification percentage and divides them into inactive, fake, or good. Twitter Audit, Followerwonk, and Socialbanjers are three similar tools, although the last allows you to remove fake accounts directly.

Step Four

In the early days of Twitter, identifying a fake account was much more comfortable than it is now because they typically didn't include profile pictures or bio and had very few followers. Now, fake profile images have replaced the real ones, we find complete and striking biographies, and we see that fake accounts also have a significant number of followers. This makes it challenging to identify, but we can be guided by a series of parameters depending on your activity.

How to tell if a Twitter account is fake - Step 4
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Step Five

Before, we talked about the activity, since a not very active account with thousands and thousands of followers has all the numbers to be false. You may be active but talk about a single topic like politics, sports, or religion. Sometimes, they are even programmed to perform more comprehensive actions such as searching for specific terms and responding to tweets in their language.

Step Six

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More on the activity: some accounts are programmed to schedule extensive successions of tweets that are often promotional and repetitive, so they are straightforward to identify. They probably have many retweets, but if we look closely, we will see that they come from very similar tweeters. These accounts are also fake.

How to tell if a Twitter account is fake - Step 7
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Step Seven

Finally, we have the photo and the biography. Very spectacular images, with attractive men or women, are the perfect hook to attract attention; While if we look at the biography, the text may not be well written, the sentences poorly constructed or even in another language. They are clear indications that the Twitter account is false.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

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