Transit App - See Bus Schedules and Bike Rentals in NYC

There was a time when traveling alone was considered hectic as one had to carry maps and ask strangers for directions. This was especially considered a mega task when done in foreign countries, where people did not even speak your language.

With easy-to-use apps like Transit: Bus & Subway Times, a self-proclaimed, step-by-step navigator that gives ‘precise real-time predictions’ for public transit, navigating transit systems anywhere is easy.

Let me explain some of the specifics about the Transit app that will help you decide if you need the Transit App in your life!

  • About the Transit App
  • Key Features
  • How to Use the App
  • Benefits of the Transit App
  • Downsides of the Transit App
Transit App - See Bus Schedules and Bike Rentals in NYC
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About the Transit App

Developed by Transit Inc and downloaded more than 5 million times on the Android platform alone, the Transit app helps empower the curious traveler.

Transit App - See Bus Schedules and Bike Rentals in NYC

It works in 200+ cities for public transportation like trains and buses plus other things considered transit. Transit has over 70,000 reviews by users and most of them swear by its features.

One of the primary unique selling points of this app is its killer real-time ride tracking feature.

Imagine you are standing on the main road in a foreign land, not knowing when your bus is arriving, even though it has crossed its published arrival time. The app gives you peace of mind by pinpointing the location of the delayed bus.

Features Subways

Most apps under the maps and navigation category simply cover the main routes and transit points but I think what makes this app special is that they have gone an extra mile to cover the subways as well. You do not want to skip taking this huge transit network that presents itself in any big city!

What I love personally about the app is that it functions just well with its offline mode. There are umpteen times when the internet has ditched me whenever I needed it the most while traveling. Knowing that your phone is still your rock when you have no data is a huge confidence booster when stuck somewhere.

Key Features

One of the relatable situations I can think of is when you are waiting for your bus, but want to quickly cross the road and grab a bite from the lip-smacking kebab shop. But you hesitate: what if I miss the transport? Say hello to voice reminders by the Transit app!

Transit App - See Bus Schedules and Bike Rentals in NYC
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I am a cost-conscious traveler and I make sure to compare my ride fares with at least two more providers just to make sure I am paying a fair price. The Transit app helps me to compare the ride prices of Uber, Lyft, and Via and choose the cheapest. Also, I can track their arrival times to my destination.

One of this app's coolest features is that you can pay for your tickets in select cities and a select transportation company directly on it. No more standing in long queues waiting on your turn. This saves a lot of time, especially during transit. Just press a few simple buttons on your app and voila!

How to Download

If you using the Android platform, simply go over to the Google Play Store and search for 'Transit: Bus & Subway Times' by developer Transit, Inc. On the app page, click ‘Install’ to begin downloading to your device. You need at least version 6.0 and up to use the app.

For Apple users, go to the App Store, search for ‘Transit Subway & Bus Times’ by the developer Transit App, Inc., and click ‘Get’ to download it. Note you need at least version 11.2 for both the iPad and the iPhone.

How to Use the App

After downloading the program, give it permission to access your location, then set your home and work location to start with. There is an events section that covers your locations to get you more day-to-day information.

Transit App - See Bus Schedules and Bike Rentals in NYC
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Next, simply use the search bar to enter the address and press the inverted enter button to see the directions.

I love the three tabs presented by the app: the smiley tab allows me to save my favorites, the parallel bars tab show everything about maps and transit under one dashboard and I use it to change my settings, for example, I can include “minimize walking” option to see directions accordingly.

The last tab is the transit FAQ page that helps you to connect with the brand on various platforms. For example, social media channels in case you want to make a comment about something or say, a complaint about something you don’t like. However, I have not used this section as such as the app is flawless.


The app is free to use to get directions, real-time information on rides, however, there are two costs associated with the app. First of all, you can buy the tickets via the app and technically the app only facilitates the transaction. Second, you can buy the “Transit Royale” premium starting at $2.99 up to $29.99

Transit Royale works on a subscription and the fees you see on third-party platforms like Google and Apple, simply charges for enhanced services provided either on a monthly or an annual basis.

These are renewed automatically and you need to manually cancel them to discontinue the premium membership altogether.

Benefits of the Transit App

I have been using this app and I feel like most others, there are certain areas where the app can improve. Having said that, the app is stable and gives a good overall service. Let's examine what customers have to say about the strengths and weaknesses of the app.

Transit App - See Bus Schedules and Bike Rentals in NYC
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Most users love the breakdown of the directions that includes all modes of transportation preferred by you in the settings tab.

It breaks down the journey also in terms of costs, covering ride-hail options as mentioned earlier.

What else could you possibly want from an app under the maps and navigation category?

Convenience and Real-Time Updates

Another benefit for commuters is the convenience and ease of buying tickets, especially the office-goers of cities like New York. People have no time otherwise, and saving those extra minutes to talk to loved ones is a much-cherished strength of the Transit app. Companies like BART among others are covered!

Articulate and fun descriptions make commuting interesting again and are another stronghold of the app. Customers simply love how the app goes the extra mile to keep them happy and entertained.

Also, the app makes sure that important updates are available in real-time to the commuters so that they do not miss their next ride!

Downsides of the Transit App

Some tech-savvy commuters have complained that it is not practical to pull out the phone every time and look at the commute details, especially when one is on the run to work. They feel that not having this app on smartwatches is a weakness that should be addressed as soon as possible.

Transit App - See Bus Schedules and Bike Rentals in NYC
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Night commuters like me who are on the road most times feel that the pin-point accuracy of the built-in maps is weaker ‘after hours’. I have seen the app show the bus was 5 minutes away, but then take 20 minutes to arrive!

For some unlucky souls, the app crashes all the time, every time with each update! Yes, I am not kidding. These commuters have been ‘done wrong’ by the app who swear never to return.

Though the company reaches out to all such travelers asking them for an internal screenshot, the bug is still out there.


Wish to quickly look at the nearest transit options at any time? Simply allow the app to access your location perpetually (via the settings option) and download the Transit app widget on your home screen for both iOS and Android users. You no longer have to open the app at all, just view the updates on the widget!

If you do not know the best and the fastest mode to reach a destination, I have a simple tip for you. Enter the “from” details on the directions tab and “choose by magic” in the “To” tab and also select “public transit”. This way the app finds the best transport for you!

Do not forget the bike-share option on this app. You can now skip the queues in the most popular countries in the world and buy your tickets from the app. What more, even skip the queue to get the bike: simply use the app to unlock the bike directly from the docking station! How cool is that?


There are many apps in the maps and navigation category that have seen the light of the day and faded away. Transit: Bus & Subway Times, however, is a different ball game altogether.

No wonder it is an award-winning app and has won over commuters like me. I strongly advise you to try it and give a verdict for yourself.