Tips on How to do a Basic Car Overhaul

Keeping our car in good condition is essential for our safety and also to increase the durability of the vehicle over the years. Although we must comply with the revisions recommended in the car manual and those indicated by the traffic laws of our country, checking the condition of the vehicle periodically at home is equally important.

To ensure that everything is fine, we explain how to do a basic check of the car. To find out, keep reading this article.

Steps to follow:

Step One

Even if you carry out your car's maintenance as indicated in your manual and go to the reviews established by law, it is essential to check the car periodically, especially before leaving on a trip. In this way, you make sure that everything is fine and ready to maintain your safety and that of the rest of the vehicle's occupants.

Step Two

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To carry out any basic revision of your car, you have to wait till it becomes cold. In this way, you can open the hood and check the engine's basic aspects without running the risk of burning yourself.

Step Three

Start by checking the car's oil level. It must be optimal to guarantee lubrication and correct engine operation, helping our car be more powerful and more efficient in terms of fuel consumption.

Step Four

Please make the most of the fact that you have opened the hood of the car and use this opportunity to check the radiator's water level, which will help you prevent the engine from overheating, something essential when we plan to travel long distances. You should be able to see the liquid when you open the radiator cap.

If not, it is recommended that you fill it up to the indicated mark, preferably with mineral-free distilled water.

Doing a basic car overhaul
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Step Five

The windshield wipers' water level is equally important, as it helps us keep the windshield in good condition, benefiting our vision when we drive. Make sure the level is adequate and always put a little special liquid to clean these crystals. In this way, when you use it, it will be much more effective to remove stains.

Step Six

Another fundamental aspect when carrying out a basic revision of the car is to make sure of the tires' condition. These play a fundamental role in our safety, like tires in good condition and efficient grip prevent accidents.

Step Seven

And to finish with this basic review of the car, you can not ignore the state of your car's headlights. Please turn on the lights at each level you have available to ensure they are working properly and check that the reversing and channel change lights are in good condition.

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Before any light bulb is burned out or in poor condition, it is important to go to a workshop to change.

Step Eight

Do not forget to be very attentive to the operation of your vehicle. If you notice any noise, difficulty, or problem with your brakes or any other part of the vehicle, it is best to go to a mechanic workshop to ensure that your car is in good condition and suitable for safe driving.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

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