Super Security App - Keep Phones Safe

We all rely on our mobile phones for everyday use. Whether for leisure or business, we cannot underestimate the importance of using our mobile phones. This is why I constantly make sure that I protect my phone from viruses and other malicious programs that might infect it.

For that reason, I choose the Super Security app to keep my phone safe. Super Security is not only a virus cleaner app but also has many other features that I like. It has everything that I need to keep my phone protected so I highly suggest you download the app today.

To know more about what the Super Security app is all about, how it keeps our phones safe, what are its main features, how to download it, and more, check out my guide below.

  • Learn More About What the Super Security App Is All About
  • Powerful Antivirus to Secure Your Phone
  • Remove Junk Files Through the App’s Cleaner
  • Protect Your Phone When You Connect to the Internet
  • Easily Navigate Through App
Super Security App - Keep Phones Safe
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Learn More About What the Super Security App Is All About

The Super Security app is an all-in-one security app for people who are on the go. I've been searching for an app that offers all the protection I need.

There have been many separate apps that offer only one or two types of protection but the Super Security app has everything that I need. It has a built-in antivirus scanner with around-the-clock protection, an app locker, a cleaner, a booster, a notification organizer, and much more.

Each of these features help intensify the protection level on my phone. I will be discussing each of them below so you'll have a better understanding of what the app does.

With all these features, you won't need all the other apps on your phone so you might as well remove them and save space.

Providing Real-Time Protection Around the Clock

The reason why you want to install the app in the first place is probably that you wanted extra protection. When your phone connects to the internet, you leave your phone in a very vulnerable place. It is exposed to many viruses, malware, and other programs that might be harmful to you.

It can even lead to stealing your personal details and identity theft if you're not careful. Fortunately, the Super Security app offers real-time protection. It protects your device all the time from a potential threat from the internet.

The app has anti-virus protection that scans and removes the virus from your device. It is one of the most reliable apps that I've ever used.

Powerful Antivirus to Secure Your Phone

You've probably read about what antivirus software is, but do you really know how it works?

Super Security App - Keep Phones Safe
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Super Security offers a top-notch antivirus that scans your phone for any malicious program and then isolates it from the rest of your running apps. This way, it does not infect all the other apps.

You then have the option to remove the virus from your phone which you should do the moment you get the notification. This powerful antivirus runs all the time so you know that it is working every minute to protect your phone from all kinds of viruses.

Whenever you're connected to the internet using your phone, always make sure that you have the Super Security app so you can rest easy and surf the internet freely.

Protect Your Phone from Intruders

I have different apps that can be accessed without any passwords including my photo gallery and notes. These apps have some private information that I don't want people to know about but there are also times when I have to hand my phone over to someone else.

Sometimes, they can be very nosy and open different apps. This is why I use the Super Security app to lock certain apps on my phone. The AppLock feature locks all the sensitive apps and even takes photos of the people that try to use the app without my permission.

This way, know exactly who is snooping around my phone when I'm not looking. I can also set up an additional password such as an additional pattern, PIN, or my fingerprint. If you want to have extra security on your phone, the AppLock feature is a great way to do so.

Remove Junk Files Through the App’s Cleaner

For those who are wondering why their phone is getting slower or takes some time before the app's launch, there are some reasons why this could be happening.

Super Security App - Keep Phones Safe
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One of the major factors is memory space. The more apps you add to your phone, the more it takes up space. Additionally, the more apps that run in the background, the more resources are taken from your phone to keep these apps running.

This also creates a lot of junk files that take even more space on your phone. All of this takes a lot of toll on your phone and it slowly loses its ability to run fast. This is why many users need to habitually clean their phones from junk.

The Super Security app has a junk file cleaner that automatically scans and removes junk files. Free up storage space by removing useless APKs, system files, residual files, and even apps that you don't really use that much.

Optimize Your Phone’s Performance

One of the main reasons why I often clean my phone from these useless junk files is to boost and optimize its performance. The more files that clog my phone, the slower it becomes, and removing them will help the phone's performance by a mile.

You'll realize that you've been using your phone wrong all this time. Boosting your phone's performance will not only help the app launch and load much faster but it will also help battery efficiency.

Each app that runs on your phone consumes battery and when you remove them from running in the background, you also save a lot of battery life. Notice that when you clean and boost your phone, it runs for a much longer time.

Protect Your Phone When You Connect to the Internet

I've probably mentioned this countless times already in this article but, whenever you connect to the internet, it is also a must to protect your phone from would-be intruders.

Super Security App - Keep Phones Safe
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The internet is not as safe a place as you might think. This is why the app offers a WiFi security system where it scans and detects your current WiFi connection for any intruders.

These can be hackers that might steal your information. Add more protection to you and your family by enabling this feature on the app every time you use the internet.

Keep your phone safe especially when you're connecting to a public WiFi network.

Organize Your Notifications and Junk the Rest

I always get a lot of notifications ranging from work to social media posts. These notifications can get overwhelming at times and there are instances when I miss some of the important prompts because of how many there are.

The Super Security app brings a game-changing feature that helps me organize incoming notifications. I can block the useless notifications by blacklisting the apps that send them to me. This feature also allows me to prioritize the important notifications that I want to see.

This way, I always get the critical ones that I should not forget or overlook. It's one of the most productive features on the app, so be sure to enable this feature when you download the app.

Easily Navigate Through App

Security and protection apps shouldn't be complicated to use. This is why I like using the Super Security app.

Super Security App - Keep Phones Safe
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It doesn't have a complicated interface. Everything that I need is right on the home page of the app. This way, I can conduct checks and scans easily and get the results once it's done.

The app was made to be concise and efficient. It is ideal for all users, especially the non-tech-savvy ones.

How to Download

Super Security is available to download from the Google Play Store for all Android devices. Find the app by its name and tap Install to download and install. When the app is completely installed, tap Open to start it.

You may also link your preferred payment option if you want to upgrade to the app's premium version which unlocks more features.


With that said, I believe it is time for you to upgrade the safety and security of your phone by using Super Security. It is one of the most reliable apps that I use every day.

By downloading the Super Security app, you can secure your phone and your personal details while using the internet.