Suitcases That Stink: 7 Effective Remedies

The stinking suitcase is a big problem, whether it's packing it for the next destination or keeping it at home. To get rid of the disgusting smell or stench, we can use some grandma's remedies and adopt some straightforward habits. Here goes.

1. Shred and ball up newspaper sheets in your suitcase, close it and forget it for a few days. Then, reopen it, remove the papers, and the bad smell will be a thing of the past.

2. Bicarbonate can also be useful; spread it inside, let it act overnight, and remove it with the vacuum cleaner.

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3. The classic vinegar and water solution can also eliminate bad smells in suitcases. Take the same quantities of each, mix, and spray them on the suitcase with a spray bottle.

Of course, these top three odor-absorbing grandma remedies are general. To take away any doubts on the material or type of your suitcase, read the label or the manufacturer's indications about or at least test on a small part (for example, baking soda can dry out skin and leather).

Suitcases That Stink: 7 Effective Remedies
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4. Needless to say, to eliminate the bad smell, clean and disinfect the suitcase properly. 

5. What is calm all about? Take your time and ensure you don't leave any traces of moisture in your luggage, also to prevent mold, so make sure it's dry. In general, before storing it, let it air out a little.

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6. To prevent bad smells, let's think about some sources; dirty shoes and clothes. Store them in separate bags or envelopes.

7. Another banal habit, but effective to prevent bad smells from forming; unpack the suitcase immediately and remove any footwear and laundry to be washed. 

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

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