See 5 Most Accessed Apps in the UK

One of the most active internet and mobile app users has always been the UK. Part of which can be attributed to the increasing need for innovation and better service.

However, there are a few popular apps that truly outshine others when it comes to their function and how they are embedded within our daily lives.

If you wish to find out whether your favorite app is one of the most accessed in the UK, read on.

  • The NHS App
  • Services and Other Features
  • TikTok's Sudden Rise to Fame
  • Instagram Is Still King
  • The Rising Popularity of Google Chrome
  • The Bounce and Collect Game
See 5 Most Accessed Apps in the UK
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The NHS App

Owned and operated by the National Health Service (NHS), the NHS app is the all-around go-to app for every British citizen who needs healthcare services.

See 5 Most Accessed Apps in the UK
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From what I know, the British people put a heavy focus on health and well-being. They are quite lucky to have such an accessible app where all of their health concerns and inquiries are addressed.

With so many services offered, the NHS App is one of the best apps in all of the UK. It is also widely accessed by many due to the need for health and medical service. Many consider the NHS App as an advancement in public health awareness as well as pushing technology towards innovation.

With the current situation, many British people are expected to use the app with the growing expectation that all of their health concerns are being addressed. It is also within the app that they will receive updates from their local healthcare facility.

The Most Integrated App in the UK

In the last year, the app has received a lot of updates including alerts that warn people and provide advice.

The app has also maintained the ability to effectively contain the spread of the virus during the pandemic. One of its main features includes an alert to self-isolate if there is a risk of exposure.

QR codes are also integrated within the app so users that visit local pubs and other public places can use the app to check in. The app has successfully provided a safety blanket to all UK citizens, especially at a time like this.

Services and Other Features

While the NHS app is a great tool to prevent exposure or prevent infection, it also has other features that are more likely to be used in regular events. Services such as ordering repeat prescriptions and booking an appointment with a doctor are great features within the app.

See 5 Most Accessed Apps in the UK
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You can even securely access your health records and check information on your allergies and medical history. I also found out that the app features an option to sign up for organ donation.

It also allows me to access health services on behalf of the person I am taking care of. This helps me view all the hospital and other medical appointments that are useful to my doctor and other healthcare professionals.

Safe and Secured

The NHS App offers a lot of services but I would also recommend that you try to keep the app as safe as possible.

The app supports fingerprint detection or facial recognition for you to use when you log in. Make sure to use that instead of just using a password or security code.

TikTok's Sudden Rise to Fame

Over a very short period, TikTok has taken over the UK and the entire world with its immense popularity.

See 5 Most Accessed Apps in the UK
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Branded as Duoyin in Asia and with the merger from, TikTok became the most popular video-sharing app in the world. TikTok allows users to create 15-second videos usually made together with music and share them with their followers.

The concept is very simple yet the app has grown to be one of the most downloaded apps worldwide with over 2 billion downloads and counting. In the UK alone, there are over 3.7 million active users. It is downloaded 1 million times a month in the UK.

TikTok has the largest share of users aged 18 to 24 in the UK with almost 26%. Only 9.3% come from the age group of 25-34 years old.

The Future of the Internet

With its popularity, the UK is the third highest income source for TikTok just behind China and the US. Many influencers from the UK often have their engagements at a higher rate on TikTok than any other social media app. I am quite surprised to know that the UK is one of the biggest supporters of this platform.

This shows that TikTok has become the future of social media and the internet. It is said that TikTok will reach around 10 million users in the UK in 2021 and there seems to be no stopping that from happening.

Backed by music and dance challenges, TikTok is currently the trendsetter when it comes to viral videos on the internet. Many of these dance challenges and other trends gain exposure and begin garnering sponsorship. Sometimes, they even reach celebrity status.

Instagram Is Still King

Before the surprising success of TikTok, Instagram held the crown as the go-to social media app in the UK. Instagram broke ground in 2010 as the first social media platform with a photo-sharing feature. All of the content within the app was nothing but photos and short videos.

See 5 Most Accessed Apps in the UK
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Soon, everyone was snapping photos and sharing them over the app. This attracted a lot of tech companies to invest in the app. It is around this time when Instagram took off has developed into the current cultural phenomenon that it is today.

In 2020, the app has over 1 billion active users with more than 500 million actively logged in and using the app every day.

Instagram for Business

With over 30 million people using Instagram in the UK, I've always wondered what's with the platform that ultimately draws the British than say, Facebook? Almost 46% of the UK population has an Instagram account which tells me it is really popular there.

With TikTok taking up the coveted 18-24 age group, Instagram is more popular in the 25-34 age group and around 80% of that are in search of brands and businesses as their inspiration. This made me think that most Instagram users are into the platform for its business possibilities as well as aesthetics.

The Rising Popularity of Google Chrome

Google's quest to seek an audience within the UK was found to be quite fruitful for the company. One of the most used and widely used web browsers in the area right now is Google Chrome.

See 5 Most Accessed Apps in the UK
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Over 49% of the UK used Chrome in 2020 alone against the 22% from the first few years that it launched.

And while competition is starting to simmer with the advent of other web browsers, Chrome continues to dominate as one of the popular apps in the UK.

About Chrome

Many attributed the intensive nationwide marketing to the overall success of Chrome within the UK. However, it was the web browser's reliable speed that is commonly pointed out as the reason why it is at the top amongst its many competitors.

And while the goal was to have a good foundation within the UK, Chrome's unexpected rise attracted even a huge user base. This led to the overall domination in the market that we see today. Everything boiled down to the reliability and the speed of the browser.

The Bounce and Collect Game

The premise of the Bounce and Collect game is rather simple. Collect as many balls as you can when they drop so you can unlock the next challenge. Each challenge becomes more difficult until you reach your breaking point.

See 5 Most Accessed Apps in the UK
Image Source: Android Gameplay Weekly / YouTube

For some, it can be quite a surprise to know that Bounce and Collect is one of the most popular UK apps.

The app currently holds the number 1 spot in the UK and number 3 all over the world.

Simple and Fun Mechanics

While the app's popularity may stem from having subjective thoughts about the game, I would attribute its popularity to its simple but fun game mechanics.

There's just something about playing a mindless game to pass the time that makes it very interesting to play. With over 5 million downloads since it was released, it's safe to say that Bounce and Collect is a standout addition to this list of popular apps in the UK.

To Conclude

If there is one common thread about the most popular apps in the UK, it's all about utility and service. Many of the apps mentioned above provide quality service to the user.

From the NHS App which helps with health to the reliability of the Chrome App and the entertainment brought by Bounce and Collect, these apps will remain at the top even just based on their numbers.