Tips for Cleaning Shoes

Cleaning shoes can be a cumbersome task. Keeping them radiant and perfect can sometimes be expensive, as special products are required for each material. However, there are also home remedies to make your shoes look wonderful on any occasion.

In this article, we suggest some inexpensive tips for cleaning shoes. You will be able to maintain your shoes with natural products.

Cleaning Shoes: Olive Oil

The olive oil has very beneficial properties. In materials such as leather or leather, it can help to make it smooth and shiny. Apply just a few drops of oil and use a cloth to rub the surface. With this trick, you can forget about special waxes and keep your shoes totally clean.

Tips for cleaning shoes - Cleaning shoes: olive oil
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Shoeshine: Banana Skin

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With the banana skin, we can shine the shoes. Rub the entire surface and then wipe the remains with a cloth. Then wait a few hours for the shoes to dry. This remedy is very effective in leather or leather shoes.

Tips for cleaning shoes - Cleaning shoes: banana skin
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Cleaning Shoes: Bread

With the white bread crumb, you can have radiant shoes, as it will act as an eraser. Rub the stains on the shoes with the bread ball. This trick is ideal for materials such as satin, canvas or cloth, and suede.

Tips for cleaning shoes - Cleaning shoes: bread
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Shoeshine: Potato

To clean and polish your shoes, you can use a potato. Rub it all over the shoe after cutting it in half. After that, use a fresh cloth to wipe the surface. In this way, you will leave your leather and leather shoes soft and very shiny.

Tips for cleaning shoes - Cleaning shoes: potato
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Cleaning Shoes: Oranges

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With half an orange and the juice it gives off, we can clean the shoe and leave it shiny. Rub the orange all over the shoe and then let it dry for a few hours. Afterward, you can use the special shoe brush to achieve a spectacular shine.

Tips for cleaning shoes - Cleaning shoes: orange
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Shoeshine: Onion Juice

If you don't have shoe polish or special wax, this is a remedy that will shine your shoes. You need to spread onion juice over the surface of the shoe. Let it dry for a few hours and then help polish your shoes with the help of a cloth. Use this trick, especially for leather or leather materials.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

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