Planning a Water Party? Here are Tips

Now that the heat is on, what's better than organizing a water party? Simple and refreshing so that high temperatures cannot beat us. You can celebrate it on a lake, a river, and even the beach, but also in your own home. With this article, you will learn how to prepare a water party with which you will surely have a lot of fun.


Create some fun and refreshing invitations to distribute among all the friends you want to attend your big party! To give them that summery touch, you just have to put some nice aquatic animals or elements such as balls or umbrellas and not lack a little water in the design!

Tell your friends to bring swimsuits, towels, and water shoes. You can even add some detail along with the invitation such as a tiny water gun, water balloons, octopus candies, etc.

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Water Pool

If you have a huge terrace or a garden, the key elements of the party will be the water pool. It can be inflatable if you don't have one of the work. You can also rent it in specialized stores and there is even the possibility of renting not only the pool but also a space reserved for parties.

Try to make it large enough to accommodate all the party guests and to be able to play games in it, as it will be the center of the games. It's worth it, it's pure fun!

How to organize a water party - Water pool
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Water Games

Something very fun in these types of parties is having a water battle. To do this you will have to create a fort with sand, buckets, or look for plants and trees where you can hide and take your weapons: the water pistols and the water balloons.

Children have a great time with this game and cool off a bit by the way. You can also put some small fish in the pool and have the children catch them with net rods and then throw them back into the water. So they have fun fishing and also learn to take care of animals.

You can also choose to organize a volleyball or basketball game in the pool. This will keep them distracted for a long time and they will learn to play as a team.

How to organize a water party - Water games
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A little Bit of Sand

If you can, get some sand to simulate a small coastal area perfectly. You put it near the water and fill it with toys such as buckets, shovels, molds with which children can distract themselves and have fun.

It's like having the beach in your own home!

How to organize a water party - A little bit of sand
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As water parties are usually held in areas with the sun, it is very important to remember that you will need to protect children from the harmful effects of the sun. As a result, it is critical to consider how to choose the correct sunscreen. As you have to put on the cream half an hour before sunbathing, I always recommend that when giving the invitations we indicate that the guests put on a protector before coming to the party, as well as it would also be good if they also brought sunglasses.

Then we will have to put the cream every hour. Do not forget!

How to organize a water party - Sunscreen
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If you have a little trace of the balloons, it would be very good to make marine figures such as octopuses, fish, starfish, etc. And you can even encourage the little ones to sign up to make a simple figure with you.

You can also make fun palm trees to put around the garden. It is a matter of letting your imagination fly and creating a new world only with balloons.

How to organize a water party - Decoration
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Food and Drink

Surely the little ones get hungry from playing so much, so prepare delicious fresh and healthy dishes with fruit, ice cream, natural juices of all flavors. There is no shortage of water so that they can drink between games to avoid dehydration in children.

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Another option is to prepare a delicious barbecue with sausages and hamburgers, preferably if they are vegan and accompanied by fruit. Frozen yogurts are always well received so you could include them for dessert.

How to organize a water party - Food and drink
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The summery cakes are easy to make, you can make a round-shaped like a water balloon, square like a pool of water, or shaped like a starfish.

Although you can always work a little more and get really extraordinary shapes. If you put a little more art on it and try to make an octopus. You dare?


It's time to dance, turn on the music and let the children dance under the jets of water from the sprinklers or hoses. Look for fun, cheerful and lively music that invites you to move and enjoy.

It can be used to play games as well, in which they have to jump over the water jets or have to rotate around the sprinkler to the sound of the music and without being touched by the water and whoever it touches, will have to take a dip in the psyche.

How to organize a water party - Music
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  • For this type of outdoor party, you always have to take into account sun protection and possible insects that you have in the area (mosquitoes, bees, horseflies, etc).
  • Water should be essential and children should drink water throughout the party to regain what they lose through sweat.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

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