OverCleaner App - Learn How to Download

Routine maintenance of today's phones is not a necessity because they are much smarter than needing to be reminded about maintenance. However, it would not be harmful to users to periodically execute a digital tune-up.

Cleaning up your phone every now and then boosts the devices' performance, enhances battery life, and helps users to get rid of junk files messing with the device. It basically keeps the phone's work lingering and adds life to the device.

However, the trick is to find the right cleaning app. Today, I'm going to discuss an app called OverCleaner, a mobile cleaner app I have been personally using. Below, I have detailed some of its features in brief, and steps for getting the most out of the app.

  • Why Cleaning Your Phone Is Necessary
  • OverCleaner - An Effective Phone Cleaner
  • OverCleaner's Battery Optimizer Feature
  • How to Use the OverCleaner App
  • Downloading the OverCleaner App
  • Downsides of the OverCleaner App
OverCleaner App - Learn How to Download
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Why Cleaning Your Phone Is Necessary

Cleaning a phone with a cleaner app is important as over time, multiple issues may crop up.

OverCleaner App - Learn How to Download
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Junk files, cached files, and other unnecessary files take up a lot of space on the phone storage and in turn, reduce the speed and performance of the phone.

Moreover, these also have major side effects on the battery life of the phone. Therefore, cleaning the phone is very important. Cleaning apps, like OverCleaner clears out the cached files stored in the phone.

If your battery is dying quickly or facing phone crash problems, then cleaning your phone with a great phone cleaning app might be the ideal solution.

Introducing the OverCleaner App

Offered by Cleaner Apps, the OverCleaner app is a powerful mobile cleaner application that I have been using for a couple of months now. The application allowed me to clear, accelerate, and remove cached files.

The best part about the OverCleaner app is that it is extremely easy to use and is packed with many important features to check the phone's status.

Over Cleaner is basically an all-in-one app for clearing the cached files, saving the battery, and accelerating the phone. Moreover, it also allows users to run the apps without any issues of phone crashing.

OverCleaner - An Effective Phone Cleaner

First and foremost, OverCleaner is an effective phone cleaner. OverCleaner has the ability to deep clean the phones – it reaches into every corner of the phone to find the cached files, temporary files, system junks, and residual files and deletes them.

OverCleaner App - Learn How to Download
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Before using the OverCleaner application, my phone had stored a lot of cached files which made my device slower.

When using the app and cleaning my phone, the app helped me optimize the space on my phone and enjoy the full potential of my device.

Performance Accelerator

Everyone chooses a fast-performing phone when purchasing one. However, over time, the phone begins to slow down so bad that sometimes it take half a minute just to open an app. Ever ponder why that happens? Well, let me tell you!

The phone slows down because your storage space is clogged up with useless and unnecessary files. These files are typically accrued on a device through the normal operations of using mobile apps, internet browsing, and other actions.

After using OverCleaner, every app on my phone began performing much faster and smoother. From games and mobile apps to messenger apps – all of them gained speed. I actually was surprised to see my phone running much faster than before.

OverCleaner's Battery Optimizer Feature

OverCleaner has a separate battery optimizer functionality built in it. This function preserves the battery life of a mobile device by limiting the app usage in the background.

OverCleaner App - Learn How to Download
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OverCleaner has three different battery optimization options – Normal, Medium, and Full mode. Optimizing the battery with normal mode switches off the Bluetooth and reduces internet load, while the medium mode kills all the background processes, and disables Wi-Fi as well.

Finally, there is the Full mode, which optimizes the battery completely by switching off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, killing the background processes, and also decreasing the brightness. With a battery optimizer on board, your device's battery lasts longer than usual.

OverCleaner's CPU Cooler Feature

Phones often get heated due to overuse, software malfunctions, or even from exposure to direct sunlight. It is absolutely okay for phones to be slightly warm, however, when a phone gets overheated, it might be a sign of other deeper issues.

I am a keen gamer and often when I played games for a long period of time, it would get heated.

I use the OverCleaner app's CPU cooler function to cool down the phone and save my device from other deeper issues.

How to Use the OverCleaner App

As mentioned above, the app has a very easy-to-use user interface. I have installed the app on my grandfather's phone and he can use the app to clean his phone with absolute ease.

OverCleaner App - Learn How to Download
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OverCleaner has multiple modes to choose from based on what the users want to do with the app.

First is the RAM booster. It improves the speed of the device with one easy click. RAM Booster helps to reduce the usage of RAM by killing all the programs and tasks running in the background.

To enable RAM Boost, tap on the first icon that appears in the bottom-left corner of the screen Afterward, the app performs the task automatically.

Using the CPU Cooler

Next is the CPU cooler. Similar to Battery Optimizer, the CPU cooler is a smart cooling and heat minimizing algorithm incorporated in the OverCleaner app.

The initial temperature of the CPU is displayed on the screen, and if cooling is required, you can tap on the Cool icon to lower the temperature of the device.

Downloading the OverCleaner App

Similar to using the app, downloading the OverCleaner is also very easy. First off, I opened the Google Play Store on my Android phone and searched for the OverCleaner app in the search bar.

OverCleaner App - Learn How to Download
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The OverCleaner app is absolutely free to download and install, and it does not have any in-app purchases. There are multiple cleaning apps with similar names so look for the app with with a white-colored broom icon over a blue backdrop.

Tap on the app once you've found it and click on the Install button. Your device will automatically begin downloading and install the app to your device. Before installing the application, OverCleaner requests permissions for access to multiple areas of the phone.

These include access to storage, WiFi connection information, location, and app notifications among others. Users need not worry about the misuse of their personal data as the developer does not share the information with other third-party clients.

System Requirements

OverCleaner app is currently available only on Android platforms, and the app is available for download on the Google Play Store.

The recently updated version of the app is just 4 MB in size and would not take much space on your phone.

Talking about the Android system requirements, OverCleaner will run smoothly, without any glitches, on any device running Android 5.0 and above.

Downsides of the OverCleaner App

Surely the app has multiple benefits, however, it also has a few problems. The first aspect of it that I did not like about the app is its non-availability on iOS platforms.

OverCleaner App - Learn How to Download
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The app has only an Android version, meaning iOS users cannot make use of the OverCleaner app.

I believe it is equally essential for an iPhone to have a good cleaner app, in order to stay organized and get rid of junk files.

Therefore considering the need for a good cleaner app on iOS platforms, I hope developers will soon release an iOS version of the app.

Ad-Supported App

You can download and use the app for free, however it is ad-supported. This will annoy users with continuous ads every once in a while.

In addition to that, they also create a lot of junk files that are harmful to the device. Plus with ads comes malware and spam, which are not good for phones.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, I'd like to remark that OverCleaner is an extremely useful application for Android phones. The OverCleaner app actually lived up to its promises and helped me clean and boost the phone. What I feel is the most superior feature of the app is its user-friendly interface.

Unlike many other cleaning apps, users do not have to become a tech genius to use the OverCleaner app on your phone. The OverCleaner app has improved my device's speed and removed the junk files on my phone. I personally rate the app a 9 out of 10 for all its functions and benefits. Download the OverCleaner app today and enjoy the speed of your phone returning to new!