Low Budget Swimming Pools

SAVINGS - What is the price of building a swimming pool? It all depends on the model you choose: underground, above-ground, free-standing, tubular.

Do you necessarily have to have a big budget to install the pool of your dreams? Not always. Everything depends on the kind of pool you want to have in your garden.

What Type of Pool is the Cheapest to Install?

Julie Boudaliez, market manager for outdoor products at Castorama, offers two types of swimming pools:

  • the freestanding ones stand up on their own thanks to the water's pressure and a tube that must be inflated. They cost between 20 euros (in a small format for children) and 240 euros (for a diameter of 4.5 m;
  • the tubular "has a structure with tubes all around and on the side" costs between 75 and 1300 euros for the largest dimensions.

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Other types of inexpensive swimming pools to install: semi-inground in wooden or composite kits). According to the Guide-pygiène.fr site, count 2,000 euros for a semi-buried steel swimming pool at the entry-level. Semi-inground wooden swimming pools (kit) cost between 3000 and 20,000 euros for large dimensions. Semi-buried composite woods cost from 5,000 euros.

© Castorama

Note: above-ground pools are not subject to housing tax, property tax, or development tax, unlike semi-in-ground pools.

How to Save on Water and Electricity Once the Pool is Installed?

It's a wonderful idea to have a pool at home. It is still necessary to save on water and electricity to avoid unpleasant surprises.

  • Save water

According to the FPP (Federation of Swimming Pool and Spa Professionals) in a report, a swimming pool does not consume much water! Surprising, but "a swimming pool consumes on average 15m3 of water per year. It is the equivalent of what one can use to produce 2 kilos of beef", indicates the general delegate Joëlle Pulinx Chalet in a precedent article.

However, it is possible to take care of your swimming pool while still saving water. In particular, treating it "in a reasoned and reasonable manner" to use the FPP terms. "It is important to pay attention to the consumption of pool water by using the appropriate treatment products and filtering your water. This will prevent you from emptying your pool and having to top up the water because you do not can do nothing with ", argues Julie Boudaliez.

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  • Save electricity

Saving electricity with your swimming pool is quite possible, provided you take precautions. Electricity will be important in heating the water. This is why Julie Boudaliez recommends the use of bubble covers: "This is what keeps the heat of your pool but also allows the water to heat up faster as soon as the sun beats down," explains- she does. The Castorama market manager also recommends using solar heating mats. These will allow your pool to heat thanks to the energy of the sun.

© Getty Images - LARISA SHPINEVA

Another solution recommended by Cyril from Le Pisciniste, you can also use a variable speed pump. This will be used to circulate the water in your filtration system to keep it clean and healthy. If you reduce the speed of the pump, you will save electricity!

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

Sources: 18h39