4 Cool Ways to Hide Your Outdoor Trash Can

PRACTICAL - Behind a trellis, in a wooden cabin, or a cupboard, here is how to hide your waste container at home.

Sometimes we tend to find that a trash can does not look very nice in the garden. You can hide them behind the house, but sometimes they have to be put away for all to see, and there is less glamor.

Here are 4 ways to hide your trash can in your garden:

Place your Trash Can Behind a Lattice Panel

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This is arguably the easiest way to set up if you want to make your trash less visible. Attach a trellis in front of your container and place the trash can behind. The idea, also? Climb plants like honeysuckle, which will perfume the place.

Build a Mini Wooden Cabin

For those who like to tinker, build a mini-cabin in which you will integrate your trash cans.

Corby, United Kingdom, 20 june 02019 - traditional wheelie bin in front of a house, brick wall.
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Decorate your Cabin with Flowers

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If you want to add a decorative effect to your cabin, do not hesitate to add flowers or install your small vegetable garden.

Place your Trash in a Cabinet

This will allow your trash to remain safe under all circumstances.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

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