How to Use Social Media to Find a Job

Internet is becoming part of our lives, and with it, social networks have become a handy and immediate socialization tool. This has helped us to be connected 24 hours a day, to flirt, discuss topics of our interest, and of course, look for jobs.

When looking for work, it is essential to consider the end we want to achieve. We cannot put the same summary of ourselves on Facebook as on Linkedin, since the purpose of each of these social networks is radically different.

To know how to use social networks to find work, it is essential to understand how they can help us and what type of people or groups we can reach, depending on the one we choose. Keep reading this article to find out.

Check Your Online Reputation

check what reputation exists about you on the net when looking for work. Nowadays, many companies conscientiously review the social profiles of the candidates to find out more about them, which can condition their decision when choosing you for the position.

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It is advisable to avoid embarrassing images, inappropriate comments related to sensitive topics such as politics, religion, and sex. You must be aware that social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Google Plus are public and can be seen by anyone unless you act on them. Security tools that these give you, in which case your comments and images are restricted to tiny groups.

Consider what you would be doing if you were a recruiter and possessed this information. Although private life must indeed be separated from professional life, unfortunately, in selecting someone for a position, this is often not taken into account. Therefore, make sure that your social profiles are "politically correct" in all aspects to avoid an upset.

How To Use Social Media To Find A Job - Online Reputation, Check It Out
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Always Stand Out

One thing that gives you a bonus on the way to your career goal is a good cover letter. Once your digital image has been cleaned up, show the world that you are a modern and updated professional.

Paper CVs and business cards are of no use to you if you want to find a job through social media. Build a professional website with little effort, thanks to WordPress.

Add your cover letter to your virtual professional profiles. You can search the internet for examples of digital portfolios, depending on your specialty and profession.

How to use social media to find a job - Stand out like a pro 2.0
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Image is Everything

We often do not take into account the photograph that we put in our professional social profile, and we opted for that selfie we took on the beach with inappropriate clothing.

The image is essential, and the photograph we choose must be consistent with the aspect we want to show. It is advisable to select a half-length photo, from the front, with good light and dressed professionally. Ideally, in the image, we offer ourselves smiling, not laughing, a little natural makeup in the case of women, with their hair arranged and allowing us to see the face correctly.

The background of the image is essential. Make sure it is a neutral background, such as a white wall. It is useful that the idea is not too heavy, since it will be easier for you to use it for different profiles without modifying it.

Finally, remember to name it correctly and professionally such as name_lastname1_lastname2_jpg

How to use social media to find a job - Your image is important
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Follow Potential Companies

If you want to know the news that these announce on social networks, such as vacant positions, follow the companies related to your professional sector.

Many times companies provide valuable information or advertise job offers through social networks. If you are a follower of them, you can find out about this and send your application through social networks. It is handy and can be very useful.

Keep in mind that looking for work is a job in itself. For this reason, while you do so, you must use all available tools and be on the lookout for any opportunity that may present itself. Check your social networks frequently, keep your professional profiles updated and innovate with 2.0 cover letters or different and creative CVs.

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Avoid the typical ones that are heavy and not very visual and tend to end up very frequently in the interviewer's trash. You can look on the Internet last generation CV related to your professional sector that will distinguish you from the rest and cause a sensation.

Finally, remember to check all your texts on social networks to correct spelling or syntax errors that give a terrible impression and can cause a company to discard your profile just for that reason.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

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