How to Train my Puppy Not to Bite

We have talked about how to stop dog from pulling on the leash, but what happens when our dog or puppy bites us? We cannot allow our pet to become an aggressive dog by first getting used to biting our hands with those sharp teeth. Therefore, it is crucial to educate them since they are puppies. We will to guide you with these tips on training your dog ​​so that it does not bite.

When your dog is still young, it is expected that he wants to bite everything. Not only does his gums bother him, it is  also part of his proper growth process. He needs you to teach him to stop doing it and thus avoid problems when he grows up.

stopping a dog from biting
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Distinguish when your dog bites you while playing or because his gum hurts from a healthy bite because he is angry. If he squeezes you, you should immediately make him understand that you disapprove.

If he keeps biting your hand, it is because he has misinterpreted your reactions and thinks that what you do is not bad and that you approve of it.

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The moment your dog bites you, say a firm and resounding "no." After this, ignore him.

If he continues to bite, you can make a high-pitched scream, almost imitating the howl of a dog when something hurts. This way, he will stop biting you, associating that scream with pain. If he stops biting, you should congratulate him and keep playing, stopping him from biting you.

As soon as you notice that your dog has relaxed,  approach him and pet him, speaking softly and calmly. Of course, do not put your hand near his snout to prevent him from biting again. If he bites you again, repeat the resounding no and ignore him, you can this time, walk away too.

Avoid playing aggressive games with your dog that involve teasing or biting you, because then he will associate the game with the action of biting.

Stopping a dog from biting
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If the biting behavior persists, have a small spray bottle of water on hand, which only acts like a spray, never a stream. This way, you can pulverize your puppy when he bites you from a safe distance to scare him a bit. In this way, by associating the scare of the water with biting, little by little, you will be able to send it away to avoid the consequence of the water associated with your biting action.

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When your dog behaves appropriately, praise your dog for his good behavior with affection and some treats for dogs. But without abusing.

Provide your rubber dog with toys so he can chew. Teach her to chew her toys and not people. When he changes his direction towards your hand or something other than his toys, say a resounding no, and when he returns to pay attention to his toys, praise him.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

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