How to Train a Dog Not to Pull on the Leash

Everyone likes to walk with their pet on the street. But what happens when your dog at this time, which should be relaxing for both of you, won't stop pulling on the leash? In order to achieve changes in your dog, you must invest time and love in him. Things don't happen on your own or overnight. For this reason, we want to guide you with these tips on how to train my dog ​​not to pull on the leash.

Train from Home

First, you have to start from home. Because it is from home where we should go out with our dog. To do this, let him familiarize himself with the strap. Let him sniff it, let him know what it is, and little by little you put it on his necklace.

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Comfortable Leash

Make sure that the leash and collar are snug and comfortable for your dog. At no time should you be a nuisance to him?

Reward Him

Before you start walking, put your dog on the left and in your right hand have the treat to be able to reward him when he deserves it. With the rope in your left hand and the tightrope, tell your dog to sit down before walking.

Dog pulling on the leash
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Use Your Feet

When you start walking, do it with your left foot so that he knows that now is the time to start walking. If he gets ahead of you, stand up and gently pull on the leash until your dog is back to your left. When it is placed you can resume the walk, remember that you must stop as many times as necessary until your dog understands that he must walk by your side.


Remember that when your dog stays by your side, you should give him the treat. Tell him to sit down and if he does, give him another prize. As you give him the award, say "well done", "well", or whatever compliment you want him to receive. Do it in short distances.

Increase the Distance Gradually

As you improve and understand what to do, gradually increase the distance, make left and right turn, and so on.

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Attitude is Everything

Remember that your good attitude towards the walk and your patience and calm are essential for your dog to associate the time of the walk as something pleasant.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

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