How to Tone Your Quadriceps

The quadriceps are at the top and front of the legs and, if you have them well worked, they will give a shapely look to the leg. Many exercises will allow you to strengthen these muscles in a localized way to optimize the effort

Do not forget that it is essential, especially when you focus on working for a specific muscle group, that you stretch to avoid overloading. We will explain in detail how to tone your quadriceps.

Step One

This first exercise that we propose seems to be easy to execute, and the movement itself is, but when you start to execute it, you will notice all the effort it requires. It is important that you keep your back straight to avoid damaging it and for the activity to fulfill its objective: to strengthen the quadriceps and, also, the glutes.

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Stand on tiptoe and with your hands clasped behind your neck. Now, pretend to squat but stop when your legs form a 90-degree angle, then work your way back up to the starting position. Do 2 sets of 15 reps each.

How to Tone Your Quadriceps - Step 1
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Step Two

This second exercise requires less effort but is also ideal for strengthening the upper front legs. Stand with your arms stretched up and the palms of your hands touching. Bend your right leg supporting your foot on the opposite knee.

With this starting position, what you should do is bring the right leg forward until the foot touches the ground and forms a 90º angle so that the left is slightly bent. Return to the starting position, doing 2 sets of 5 reps on each leg.

How To Tone Your Quadriceps - Step 2
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Step Three

This other quadriceps toning activity is even simpler, although you can make it more difficult by putting weights on your ankles. First, stretch on your back on a mat, ensuring that your back is in a natural position, especially if you plan to use resistance in the ankles.

Now do a slow movement raising your right leg until it is at a 45º angle with the ground, then slowly return to the starting position as well. Do 20 lifts in a row with your right leg, then another 20 with your left.

How to Tone Your Quadriceps - Step 3
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Step Four

After performing these exercises, it is convenient that you do some stretches. The one we recommend is to bend the leg back until the foot touches the gluteus. Help yourself with your hand to force the elasticity of the muscle. We recommend that you watch this video to see more quadriceps stretches.

How to Tone Your Quadriceps - Step 4
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Step Five

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Sports such as running and skating are an ideal complement to this exercise table to achieve your goal of toning the quadriceps. If you go out 1 or 2 days a week to practice any of these activities and do this table every day, you will achieve well-shaped legs at the top.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

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