How to Lose Weight at the Gym

Have you joined the gym to lose weight? It is an excellent step because if you want to lose weight, you must combine a healthy, low-fat diet with frequent exercise. The gym is a perfect space where you can do cardiovascular activities, tone your muscles, and attend directed classes that are more enjoyable and fun.
In this article, we will tell you how to lose weight in the gym, showing you the best options you have to burn those extra pounds. Get in shape right now!

Motivation is Important

The first and most important thing to lose weight in the gym is not to lose motivation. Many people, when they start doing a training routine, usually expect visible results from the first weeks, and that isn’t easy because it all depends on the lifestyle you have led up to now and the eating practices that you carry in your day today.

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Therefore, you must know that the visible effects of sport begin to be observed after three months, as long as you are consistent and bet on healthy habits. In this article, we give you a series of tips to be motivated to exercise.

How To Lose Weight In The Gym - Motivation Is Important
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How many times to go to the gym to lose weight

You will not be able to lose weight if you go to the gym intermittently, and you are not constant with your training. Keep in mind that to see the results of the exercise, at least you must go three days a week; If you only go two or a day, keep in mind that your body will hardly notice the sport, and it will not be of much use. Therefore, set a fixed schedule to go three days a week and thus lose the extra pounds.

The minimum is three days, but the maximum is 5; think that our body needs to rest to regenerate and make the muscles stronger. It is counterproductive to go to the gym seven days a week because you do not allow your body to assimilate the exercise and suffer from overtraining.

Routine to Lose Weight at the Gym

Another trick to lose weight in the gym is to start your training with strength exercises and aerobic exercises. Yes, we know that the opposite order has always been defended, but the truth is that to make the most of the fat-burning that is achieved with cardiovascular exercises, we have to start with strength. We tell you why

Glucose (sugar) is stored in the body that comes from the food we eat. These reserves are found in the muscles and the liver; therefore, if we begin the training by exercising the muscles, we achieve that these reserves are consumed and, therefore, that energy is used.

Afterward, we will finish with the aerobic exercise we will achieve, not to take advantage of the energy of glucose, but to directly affect the fat reserves that we have stored. Therefore, we take much more advantage of the exercise, and we manage to burn more fat.

Example of a routine at the Gym

Therefore, and continuing with what we have just told you in the previous point, a good training routine would be divided into these stages

  1. We start with 5 minutes of body stretching
  2. We continue with a session of strength and bodybuilding exercises
  3. Next, we will do cardiovascular activities
  4. We finished with an extension to avoid injury
How to lose weight in the gym - A good routine to lose weight in the gym
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Toning is Important

An error also that exists in the conception of doing sports to lose weight is that many times it is believed that just doing aerobic exercise can already lose weight. As we have already said, that is a mistake since the best combination that can be done is mixing cardio with strength. The reason is simple: when you gain muscle mass, you can accelerate your metabolism because the more muscle you have, the more calories you consume daily.

Combine Different Intensities to Lose Weight

To make the most of the time we are in the gym, there is another trick that is worth knowing, and that is that when you do cardiovascular exercises, combine different intensities. Remember that the body gets used to it very quickly, and if you usually do 30 minutes of an exercise bike with the same force, in the end, you will hardly burn calories.

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The best thing is to combine calmer moments with more intense ones to ensure that your body is active all the time and does not get used to this routine. It is for this reason that in spinning classes, so many sprints are made: because the secret to losing weight is in combining intensities.

How to lose weight at the gym - Combine different intensities to lose weight
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Grab More Weight Progressively

Continuing with what we have just told you, you have to know that the same happens with bodybuilding exercises, that is, your body gets used to the weight and, in the end, it stops needing so much energy to do that movement. Therefore, you must observe how your body reacts to the weight, and when you feel that it no longer costs you effort, increase the amount you lift.

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