How to Throw a Teen Halloween Party

We must not fool ourselves, if you are to celebrate Halloween, you know this party is fun for both children and adults. The little ones undoubtedly have a great time playing trick or treating, but in the case of the older ones, the best option is in the form of a party.

If your child has asked you for the house to organize one of these gatherings and you are wondering where to start, we will give you some tips so you can discover how to make a terrifyingly fun Halloween party for teenagers.

Step One

The first step is to make invitations perfect for the occasion, a way to have fun together thinking of a good idea, rather than leaving everything to the "oral transmission." Here we give you two good ideas to make invitations in the shape of a pumpkin and a coffin, although you can also opt for something creative done on the computer.

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Making personalized invitations is a great idea to have a good time with the family, having fun, and preparing the party so that everything goes according to the theme. These invitations can include texts related to Halloween. For example, it may seem that it is the invitation to attend a funeral or go to a surprise party in a ghost house, the options are limitless, let your imagination fly!

Step Two

The decoration of a Halloween party is a fundamental part of success, so you must turn your house into a mansion of terror. It may seem like a lot of work, but the truth is that some simple ideas will look good with little efforts, such as Halloween shadows, simple and very colorful, decorating with painted balloons, filling the house with cobwebs, and of course, allowing the darkness to invade it.

When you have the inflated balloons, you can draw ghosts, pumpkins, giant spiders, and all kinds of scary creatures with which your party will look the most authentic. If you want to know how to make a Halloween party for teenagers, here is the first tip: in decoration, the importance is in detail.

Step Three

An entertaining way to surprise your guests at a teenage Halloween party is to greet them by giving them a good scare. The best way to achieve this is to disguise yourself as a horror character (such as a zombie, a crazy butcher, horror movie characters, etc.) and hide somewhere in the house where they have to pass your guests. When they least expect it, come out of hiding and give them a good scare, you'll see what face they have!

You can also wait until everyone is inside and give them a collective fright, prepare a record with screams and ghostly sounds, turn it on when no one expects it, and appears with a terrifying scream from behind.

How to Throw a Teen Halloween Party - Step 3
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Step Four

We know that everything comes by sight, so the food that you will serve at this teenage Halloween party should be equally colorful and consistent with this celebration. For example, an enjoyable and perfect option for the occasion is to prepare some terrifying bloodied fingers with only some sausages, some almonds (that will simulate the nail), and a little ketchup looks like blood. Cool right? Unleash your imagination and dare to prepare delicious and perfect dishes for Halloween.

How to Make a Teen Halloween Party - Step 4
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Step Five

A party without music? That's impossible! And during a Halloween party, there is also a festive atmosphere that will invite everyone to hit the track. But, although at the end of the night you all end up dancing "La Macarena".

At the beginning of the night, you choose themes that are much more appropriate to the essence of your celebration. In this way, music from movies like "The Adams Family," "Ghostbusters," "Nightmare Before Christmas" or dance options like "Thriller" are ideal for the situation.

Step Six

And, obviously, on Halloween, what you can't neglect is your costume. Choose terrifying characters who are dead, crazy, or injured. This way, you will achieve a totally suitable effect for the celebration. For example, a good costume is that of a witch, a zombie, a crazy cook, or you can also choose celluloid characters such as Freddy, the Exorcist's girl, etc.

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If you don't have a costume on hand and want to get perfect results, something that never fails is the zombie characterization.just need a t-shirt, some old pants, and some makeup. By painting wounds on your face and applying grayish makeup, you will look like a true undead.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

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