How to Make a Homemade Snowball

The snow globe is undoubtedly one of Christmas's most typical decorative elements, an object that enchants both children and adults due to the magical attraction it produces. That is why if we want a Christmas decoration in style, this element cannot be missing.

On the other hand, you do not need to leave part of your money on an expensive product when making it yourself and in simple steps. Not sure where to start? Read on as we explain how to make a homemade snowball step by step, the perfect craft to enjoy with the little ones at home.


Step One

To make this Christmas snowball, you will need the following materials:

  • Glass jar with a screw cap.
  • Water.
  • White glitter or the desired color.
  • Glycerin, you can find it in any pharmacy.
  • Hot silicone and the respective silicone gun.
  • You want to put decorative elements in the snow globe: a Christmas tree, a Santa Claus, a snowman, etc.

Keep in mind that the objects you choose to be inside your snow globe must be plastic or ceramic. Otherwise, the water may end up damaging them over time.

Step Two

The first step is to wash the glass jar well that we will use to make this homemade snowball. If it has a label, it will be important to obliterate it, which you can easily achieve by putting the jar in boiling water for a while.

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Dry the container and its lid very well and get ready to start working. Start by choosing the decoration that your snow globe will have.

You can choose a cartoon if the idea is to give it to a child or choose the classic figures associated with Christmas, such as Santa, a reindeer, a snowman, Santa's wife, a Christmas tree, some snow-covered Christmas houses, or whatever decoration you prefer, imagination is the only limit!

Step Three

Once you are clear about how you will decorate your snow globe, it is time to glue the objects you will use to the lid using hot silicone, a material that will allow you to adhere perfectly without being affected by water. Before taking the final step and gluing everything, first try mounting the stage on the lid. In this way, you can leave it perfect and stick it only when you are sure of the distribution.

It goes without saying that the decoration you choose must fit perfectly on the lid and inside the jar, do not choose any decorative object that is too wide or long, or you will not achieve the desired final effect. When you have everything measured, then proceed to glue using the silicone gun, then let it dry for at least 1 hour to ensure that everything well adheres.

How to make a homemade snowball - Step 3
Image source: Reproduction/Internet

Step Four

Now fill the glass jar with glycerin and water in equal parts, placing the glycerin first and then the water, the liquid should go to the top. Then add the amount of glitter you want to decorate your snow globe.
How to make a homemade snowball - Step 4
Image source: Reproduction/Internet

Step Five

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Once the bottle is filled and making sure that the silicone is already dry and the figures are perfectly glued to the lid, you have to put the figure in the bottle and close the lid well. It is normal for some liquid to spill, don't worry about it.

How to make a homemade snowball - Step 5
Image source: Reproduction/Internet

Step Six

Now you have to turn the bottle and enjoy watching the glitter fall like snow, one of the greatest entertainments of this great Christmas ornament. If you want to achieve a perfect effect, do not hesitate to wrap the lid with some Christmas ribbon to give the final touch to this homemade snow globe. A simple, fast, and wonderful idea.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

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