How To Sanitize A Microwave

When you have it, you can't do without it;  it is the microwave, an essential appliance to face the frenetic pace of today's life with optimism and ease saving a lot of time. It is perfect for simplifying life in the kitchen and very useful for defrosting those foods that would otherwise take hours.

However, this does not mean that the microwave does not need any care or cleaning. In fact, this appliance also requires deep cleaning and periodic maintenance to ensure the cooked food's hygiene and eliminate bad smells that may persist over time.

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In the corners and the hidden areas under the turntable, bacteria carried by food proliferate undisturbed, especially if after each use, instead of leaving the oven door ajar, you have the bad habit of closing it immediately.
To clean it effectively, pass a sponge soaked in dish soap and vinegar in equal parts. Rinse the surface with a damp cloth and, again, a towel moistened in a few drops of vinegar.

How To Sanitize A Microwave
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When the appliance has very persistent encrustations or odors, try putting on the plate a glass filled with water and red vinegar, in equal parts, and one lemon juice. Turn on the microwave at 800W for two minutes, open and rub a cloth or sponge, completely removing the encrustations that will be softened.

The "health" of the microwave is also easily understood from the color of its components. If the coatings are particularly yellowed, clean the whole appliance with a sponge moistened with 20, 30, or 40 V hydrogen peroxide over the entire microwave.

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Take care of your microwave every day, entrusting it to an effective specific detergent able to fight bacteria without affecting the internal and external walls' materials. An effective result is obtained by always washing the plate and the swivel base in the dishwasher, then placing them in the oven.

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