How To Remove Wax From A Tablecloth In 4 Steps

You ask how to remove the wax from the tablecloth? In a few steps, with grandma's remedies and easy steps, we can remove candle stains from the fabric; let's see how to do it, why read the tablecloth label, and what to do when wax drips on the tablecloth.

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1) Especially if a lot of wax has dripped on the tablecloth and lumps have formed, wait for them to cool and try to remove as much as possible, using cutlery such as a rounded knife, obviously paying attention not to fray the fabric.

2) Cover the wax stain with brown bread paper or similar blotting paper and iron over it. Move the paper a little, pass the iron again. With each step of the iron, the wax heats up and transfers to the paper; that's why you have to move it from time to time so that the halo is covered with a clean piece of paper.

3) If there are still stains or wax marks, you can remove them with a stain remover or a little alcohol (if compatible with the fabric).

4) After removing the wax from the tablecloth, move on to hand wash or machine wash according to the fabric.

In any case, for each remedy, do one test on a small and not very visible point and check the label of the tablecloth.

How To Remove Wax From A Tablecloth In 4 Steps
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Why Check The Label?

For the tablecloth label, you need to know the useful information to clean the fabric without damaging it. You will know if you read it.

  • If the tablecloth is washable and if you can wash it in the washing machine or by hand.
  • At what temperature you can use the iron to iron the fabric.
  • How to dry the tablecloth.

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If the fabric is very delicate and can't be washed, consider taking it to the dry cleaners or doing a label-compatible dry clean. A grandmother's remedy to prevent wax from dripping onto the tablecloth and fabric is to soak it in water and salt, without letting the wick wet; let the candle dry and try to light it!

In general, you can opt for good quality candles that don't stain the tablecloth too much.

Adapted and translated  by The Cop Cart Staff

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