How To Properly Store Cereals At Home

Most people love and buy porridge, thanks to its nutritional value and a rather low price. They prefer barley, oatmeal, rice, cereals, semolina, and millet. But there is a favorite - buckwheat. By eating cereals, we provide the body with energy because cereals take a long time to digest and give a long-lasting satiety feeling.

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  • Cereals in cut bags cause unnecessary trouble because they constantly strive to crumble. It's pretty easy to avoid this. Take the cut off the top of a plastic bottle and pull the edge of the bag through it. Now the excess cereal will be poured only where we need it. Close the lid - and on the shelf.
  • You can keep cereals in glass jars or special containers with sealed lids. This way, they will last longer.
  • To keep insects out of your container, treat it with vinegar and spread lavender oil on the pads.

How to make porridge tastier

How To Properly Store Cereals At Home
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To make the porridge more aromatic, you can add bay leaf or garlic to ordinary buckwheat. And if you haven't finished eating some porridge, don't rush to throw it away. You can prepare new delicious dishes from it - for example, lean cutlets. Rice or buckwheat porridge should be mixed with grated potatoes, chopped onions, and spices. Then form cutlets and fry in a pan with vegetable oil.

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