How to Clean Leather Shoes

To keep leather or leather shoes in good condition, you must take care of them and clean them properly after each use. Although this material is easy to clean, it requires specific care so that your shoes always look like new.

We'll provide you with advice and tactics on how to clean leather shoes, gather a good brush, soap with a neutral pH, moisturizer, and water, and you will get your leather shoes brand new every day.

Steps to follow:

Step One

In general, it is important that before and after using leather shoes, you wipe them with a damp cloth to remove any dust and dirt that may have remained. Do it gently, without pressing and paying special attention to the seams, an area where more dirt can accumulate. This practice will help you keep your skin or leather always looking new.

Step Two

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Once the shoe has dried after wiping it with a damp cloth, apply wax, moisturizer, or special oil for leather shoes. With this, you will help to hydrate and brighten the skin, which will look more beautiful.

How to clean leather shoes - Step 2
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Step Three

Let the wax or oil soak into the shoes and hydrate them for at least one day before wearing the shoes. Remember that the skin absorbs these products gradually, so they need about 24 hours to hydrate properly.

Step Four

The previous steps correspond to the care and maintenance necessary to preserve the leather of the shoes. Here we give you the keys to clean them properly. Take note.

Step Five

If the shoes have laces, it will be better to remove them. This way, you will ensure the total cleaning of leather shoes. Then, pass a soft bristle brush over the surface, with which you will remove the dust and dirt that is most visible.

Step Six

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Next, prepare a mixture of water (about three cups or so) and pH-neutral soap. When you have the well-mixed solution, soak a cloth in it, wring it out to remove excess water, and wipe it gently over the surface of the shoe. Rub all the corners of the shoe and see rinsing the cloth to remove all the dirt. Repeat as many times as necessary until the shoe gleams.

Step Seven

Once you have cleared the surface of any dirt, wipe the shoe dry with a dry cloth, and apply hydrant cream to shine the leather of your shoes. Ready! With these simple steps, you will have your perfect leather shoes for every occasion.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

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