How to Prevent Foot Fungus

Foot fungus is one of the most common foot problems. They occur especially during the hottest months, although they are also frequent in people whose feet are regularly exposed to humidity, for example, those who practice water activities, work in swimming pools, etc.

But avoiding the spread of these annoying parasites is possible by taking some appropriate measures, so we explain how to prevent foot fungus in this article. Keep reading!

Steps to follow:

Step One

Fungi are highly contagious, so they can be acquired both in the environment, especially when there are heat and humidity and contagion from one person to another. These parasites require a humid and dark environment to live properly, that is why our feet are ideal for their reproduction.

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In addition to the annoying symptoms that they produce, they can cause aesthetic and health problems that require a podiatrist's attention when installed on the nails. Therefore, it is best to prevent foot fungus by following some appropriate advice.

Step Two

The feet are prone to sweat, especially if we do not use the right socks or shoes, so the first step to prevent fungus in this area is to choose socks made of cotton, allowing adequate perspiration of the foot to avoid the accumulation of moisture and bacteria.

It is also recommended to avoid plastic or synthetic shoes and choose those made of natural materials, for example, those made of leather. If this is not feasible, it is suggested to opt for models that guarantee good ventilation, always choosing your size appropriately as tight footwear increases sweating.

Step Three

It would be helpful if you could spend some time to thoroughly dry your feet every time you took a bath, especially between the toes. Avoiding humidity in this area is essential for preventing foot fungus and ensuring that we do not favor an environment conducive to its growth.

Treating fungi
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Step Four

The use of talcum powder to prevent sweating of the feet is a great ally, not only to control the bad smell in this area, but also the humidity derived from sweat, which will help keep fungi at bay.

Step Five

It is also important that you spread the towels very well after using them to prevent foot fungus, do not forget that humidity is the best ally of these invaders. If your towels are always kept wet, they could become a source of contagion.

Step Six

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If you often go to swimming pools or take baths in public showers, in addition to following all the previous tips, it is recommended that you always take a bath with flip flops or water shoes. This will help limit contact between your feet and surfaces where there may be a lot of fungi.

Step Eight

The foot fungus can bring a more difficult to remove problem: the nail fungus, so it is recommended before his acudas presence of a podiatrist immediately for proper treatment.

Note: This article is merely informative. We do not have the authority to diagnose or recommend any type of medical care. If you have any conditions or discomfort, we encourage you to visit a doctor.

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