How to Plan a Surprise Dinner

Do you want to surprise a friend or family member of yours? Nothing better than organizing a surprise party! Organize an unforgettable evening in which nothing is missing: fun, excitement, party, and good food.
In this article, we give you some ideas so that you know how to organize a surprise dinner depending on the personal tastes of the person honored. If you follow these tips, you will be able to prepare an unforgettable party, you'll see!

The Surprise Factor is Essential

To succeed with your surprise dinner, it is essential to hide it and ensure that the person being honored does not suspect anything, so you will have to get all your friends in agreement and come up with a plan so that no one messes up.

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One of the tricks that work best is for one of the groups to take the person out to eat out or walk while the others begin to prepare the celebration. However, keep in mind that you must be very subtle to try to get him not to notice, so you can advance the festival and do it the night before his birthday, for example. Indeed he is not expecting it!

It is also essential that to succeed with the surprise, and you choose an event that you know your friend likes; For example, if you hate singing, forget about having dinner at karaoke no matter how much others like it. It is your night, and everything must be thought for your enjoyment.

One of the most successful plans is to organize dinners with shows since they are lively, fun, and original evenings that make everyone amuse. In this link, you can consult some ideas to organize themed dinners in Madrid.

How to organize a surprise dinner - The surprise factor is essential
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Ideas for Surprise Dinner

There are many possibilities to celebrate the surprise dinner; You can prepare from a simple event where you gather all your friends in a house full of balloons to an original and different dinner organized in a themed restaurant or an unusual place.

Next, we are going to give you some ideas to organize a surprise dinner that suits all tastes:

  • Surprise dinner at home: it is the simplest and easiest variant to assemble. You have to gather people at home and set the space a bit with festive motifs (balloons, banners, confetti, etc.). You can prepare dinner yourself or hire a catering service that will give your event a more elevated touch.
  • Surprise dinner in a themed restaurant: there are various leisure options in cities where you can organize a surprise party. Some establishments take you to remote times (to the 1920s, the 1980s, etc.), and there are even others which can adapt the space as if you were in a Casino or on a cruise ship. The imagination has no limits and less for a fun event like this.
  • Surprise dinner in different places: this type of celebration can also be organized in less conventional spaces such as beach bars, parks, viewpoints, or even in a limousine. Depending on the person you want to surprise, you can choose one place or another.
How To Organize A Surprise Dinner - Surprise Dinner Ideas
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Activities to do During the Party

In addition to dinner, it is essential to keep in mind that a surprise party should be full of surprising and original elements. Once you have chosen the place to carry out the event, you should think about what activities you can do to get everyone to have fun. A good idea is to organize a test gymkhana with different groups and a specific prize (from a drink to a weekend, whatever you want).

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If the honoree has a specific hobby, you can choose to center the celebration around his hobby; For example, if you like pastry, you can do a simple pastry workshop before or after dinner; If you want dancing, you can organize dance contest, and so on. The idea is to personalize the event and get everyone to have a great time.

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