How to Open a Coconut

Coconut is a delicious and typical fruit from tropical countries. Besides having a very fleshy pulp, it contains a delicious juice (coconut water) that is ideal for quenching your thirst when the heat is on. In fact, on the beaches of many tropical countries, coconut water is served from the freshly opened fruit, which is a real delight.

However, this coconut has a downside, and that is that it is one of the most challenging and most difficult fruits to open. It may be quite risky if you try to open it using sharp utensils such as knives or machetes. For this reason, we offer you a few tricks so that you know how to quickly open a coconut at home and enjoy its freshness wherever you are.

How to open a coconut at home - step by step

With the right tools, it will be straightforward and fast to open a coconut. In this case, you will need an opener, a sharp object like a hammer, and a container to store the coconut water and pulp. If you do not have a hammer or do not feel safe using it, later, we will give you more options so you can learn how to split a coconut in other ways.

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Keep in mind that we always refer to a coconut with the brown shell hard on the outside. Follow these steps to find out how to split a coconut easily:

  1. Stick the tip of the opener into the largest of the three dimples that coconuts usually have. Help yourself with a light hammer blow until you pierce the shell. You can also use a brace to pierce the shell.
  2. Put the juice inside the coconut in a container to drink it.
  3. Proceed to break the coconut to remove the pulp. There are several techniques for this: taking the coconut with one hand at each end, approaching a curb or a step, and giving it a sharp blow in half so that it breaks into two more or less equal parts. If we do not trust our precision, before we hit the ground, we can cover the coconut with a cloth.
  4. This is the easiest way to open a coconut, but another effective method is to tap with the edge of a large knife.
  5. If none of the techniques convince you, place the coconut on a stable surface for its longest part. Locate the line that joins its halves on its shell. Make the knife meet that line and tap the top of the knife with the hammer. The coconut will be almost split in half, so you can insert the knife through the split that will have formed and cut easily.

Here we explain how to break a coconut without a hammer, so if you don't have one on hand or prefer to use less aggressive utensils, don't worry.

How to open a coconut - How to open a coconut to use as a glass
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How to open a coconut without a hammer

If you want to learn how to open a coconut at home without a hammer, you must know another method that also is not dangerous at all. You have to follow these simple instructions, and you can enjoy your fresh coconut from home:

  1. Put the coconut in the freezer.
  2. Leave it overnight so that it freezes well.
  3. The next day, place it on a hard surface and with a cloth underneath, so it doesn't slip.
  4. Go tapping it with a blunt, hard utensil along a line similar to an imaginary equator. There is no need to use a hammer; any hard instrument will do it: a stone, a kitchen roller, the handle of cutlery, and you could even do it with the heel of a party shoe.
  5. You will see that a crack is created in the shell. Keep tapping until the crack runs around the entire perimeter of the coconut.
  6. With light pressure, separate the two halves of the coconut. You will be able to separate the meat from the skin and the frozen water effortlessly. Use each part to consume it natural or make delicious smoothies, ice creams, or desserts.

How to open a coconut to use as a glass

If you don't want to wait until the next day and what you want is to drink the fresh coconut water, and at that very moment, there is another simple trick that you can follow to learn how to open a coconut to use it as a glass. This method is also useful if you want to open a green coconut, so follow these steps.

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  1. Find the end of the coconut attached to the tree; you will distinguish it because it has a kind of small navel.
  2. With the help of a corkscrew, pierce in the center of that point until you go through the skin and the meat.
  3. Slightly widen the hole with small twists.
  4. Shake well, like a cocktail shaker.
  5. If you want to drink the coconut water directly from the fruit, insert a straw or cane through the hole you just drilled.
  6. If you prefer to use a glass or jug ​​to serve yourself, tilt the coconut and pour the liquid.
  7. It is highly recommended to accompany it with a little crushed ice to make it fresher and more delicious.

You will have already learned how to split a coconut easily and without a hammer! Now you can enjoy the delicious pulp of this fruit but also its water. Did you know that coconut water is known for its multiple properties for the digestive system and skin? Find out in our article What are the benefits of coconut water.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

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