How to Make Garlic Last for Long

Garlic should be stored in perfect conditions so that it does not lose its flavor and freshness. This will help you obtain the best benefits and properties since its loaded with lots of nutrients. Always buy fresh garlic heads, with their skin and that they are hard since this will help you to be able to keep them for longer. Also, follow the following tips that will help you to know how to keep garlic fresh for long.

Tips to Make Garlic Last Longer

Avoid keeping garlic in humid areas and much less in the refrigerator. What this does is soften them and cause them to rot more quickly, so end the traditional way of keeping garlic in the vegetable drawer of your fridge.

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Always look for a dark and dry place to store your garlic, these are the essential conditions they need to be preserved correctly. You will see how they last much longer without rotting and they will also retain all their properties.

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Find garlic preservative. These containers, specially created to maintain the quality of garlic, are the best option to preserve them properly. A small ceramic jar with holes that allow to keep the garlic dry and dark, but preserved with some air so that it does not dry out.

If you want to create your own conservator, find a paper bag. Put the garlic inside, close it, and always keep it in a dry place.

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Lastly, thou not so recommended since you do not keep the garlic in its natural state, but it is good to keep the garlic and that it lasts longer without spoiling. You must clean the garlic cloves and cook them. After they are soft, put them in a container that you will cover with olive oil.

Other Helpful Tips

  • Buy them at a greengrocer always so you can touch them and check that they are in good condition.
  • When it has black spots, throw it out. It means that it is moldy and harmful to your health.

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